Monday 8 July 2013

National transplant week

I know for those of you out there waiting for transplant, or perhaps considering being listed for one my previous post may have been some what scary. I'm not going to lie, it is scary, but iv always been an honest blogger, someone who shares the highs and the lows, because surely without the lowest of moments we cannot see how high the next peak is? Also I believe the truth however scary it may be can only leave you informed and ready right? Ad I hope those of you who read my blog are prepared for every truth, otherwise you may be on the wrong page.

So where am I going with this, well it's national transplant week, this week also marks my transplant anniversary. 2 years ago, I was dying, kept alive on the most invasive horrendous machines, my call came in what was the last hour of my life for sure. Thanks to the generosity, kindness and courage of a family I do not know and person I will never meet. This week I will mourn my donor, I will celebrate them, I will be thankful for every little precious moment they have allowed me and I will pray for there family because I know they lost there loved one this week 2 years ago. I do this every day but this week I'm not going to shut up about how grateful and lucky I am and how I believe giving the gift of life is the best gift you can give.

So although for me this time is hard at the moment with chronic rejection, my lung collapse and a chest infection, I want you all remember how amazing these last 2 years have been for me, how I have achieved to me things I never thought possible e.g cycling 180 miles, raising lots of money for charity, meeting new people, going on my honey moon, sharing a 1st & a 2nd wedding anniversary with my husband, reaching 23, working at next. Some of these things are so simple, so normal, but to me they were like a dream elusive and unreal, until I went out and I did them. I did them because of my donor and I will carry on doing and achieving to me what were impossible dreams and something's that are even to big for me to dream.

So please think about giving someone the gift of life, think about it, talk about, do something about it. Sign up today.

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  1. My name is miriam rodrigez martinez im.from.mexico im29 years old and i have happy for you kristy you have a new life..i have a dream i want to go to the beach and sweem old day long cant you do it forme??? I think im gone die i don have more i feel so tired i just want to sleep to forget the pain i want whit my childrens but i cant i jus can look they and the world running and i just look i want a miracle like yours but in mexico is so dificult here if you dont have money you dont have hope i really like to talk whit you kristie and everyonethis is my mail waiting for a god miracle new pressios magnificents lungs i wabt and i need to live....

  2. Prayers for you Miriam Rodrigez Martinez. My the good Lord shed his blessings upon you. Stay strong...

  3. Bonjour Kirstie, je me présente je m’appelle Idalyne et je suis Française..
    Je ne sais pas si vous comprendrez ce message mais je viens de regarder entièrement le reportage diffusé sur vous aujourd’hui '' tous différents'' et j'ai été très émue par votre histoire et votre courage..J'ai 23 ans et un petit garçon de 2 ans et je vis seule J'avais des projets je voulais continuer mes études pour devenir psychologue mais étant seule avec mon fils je n'ai pas les moyens financiers de le faire.Je suis très respectueuse de votre force et je tiens a vous féliciter car vous avez un mari super de nouveaux poumons et vous êtes magnifique j’espère que vous irez de mieux en mieux et que la vie vous sois merveilleuse..

    Grace a vous je vois le don d'organes d'un œil différent..

    Je laisse mon email mais vous n’êtes pas obligée de répondre je tenais simplement a vous le

    Avec toute mon amitié et mon respect

    Idalyne xxx