Sunday 22 February 2015

Fitness, fun and flight

I feel I should have something compelling to say. I guess what I do have to say is compelling to me. I am well, I am alive, I am alive more then I have ever been! I can breathe, I am grateful.

I am currently studying to become a personal trainer, yep that's right, I have thrown myself further into the fitness world and I am loving it. I qualified my gym qualification last week with flying colours and this week I have started on my course work for my Pt qualification. I always thought I wasn't a natural studier, but I have been so enthralled by it all. The thought of picking up my books to study excites me and I wonder what I will learn today. I want to research more than they tell me and I am already looking at different course to expand my knowledge after this one. I want to do nutrition, sports massage, i signed up to do my aerial hoop qualification on the 18th and 19th of march.

None of this means I don't want to be a pole instructor it just means I want to be a better one and also spread my wings into the fitness world and help people become healthier, happier people. I want to help cfers and post transplant patients rehabilitate eventually and help them transition in to a normal healthier life style that I know so many have struggled with including myself. I still battle with Kirstie the underweight cfer who was allowed to eat what she wants, now I'm Kirstie the fit poler who actually needs to watch what she eats and fuel her body ready for the next thing.

I feel so emerged In life and improving myself that simple worries are fading away and my grief although still very tangible is somewhere I can live with it. my grief for Emily, for the so many cfers who have died recently and for liana who's funeral I attend Thursday.

It also seems that as I am so busy now I do not have time for my newly appointed role as a trustee for live life give life and decided that as I cannot give it the attention it deserves to go back to my old role as advocate while I spend my time doing things I always wanted to do, Im taking the chance to enter some pole, comps this year after training very hard. I hope I get the chance to comp and maybe even come away with a title.

Any way blogosphere I will leave you with the feeling of elation as I continue to look forward to life.


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