Thursday 21 June 2012

Disney Paris our wedding anniversary

So again its a catch up by photos, Well Saturday was mine and stuart wedding anniversary and we jetted of to disney paris, a four star hotel, lots and lots of great food, the first time in ages I'v just allowed myself to eat what i want and when I want. It was totally indulgence, We spent 3 days in the disney parks and the evenings in disney villiage. Here are a few snap shots of our first holiday post transplant.

Waiting for the plane

On the coach to our hotel

With Mickey

Me with jennifer a friend who works over in disney

I love scarey rides, but apparently I dont look like i do lol.

Us posing before we go into the wildwest dinner and show amazing!!

I had sucha great time, it feels like everything I have been waiting for is coming together, Im not so worried now about post transplant complications and first year problems, everything is settling down, physically, mentally. Im where I want to be, Im on target. The ball is looming and life just seems good. Im also planning my next holiday to the elysium in cyprus where we were booked to get married, im hoping to go in september for my birthday.

Friday 8 June 2012

Disney Paris

Well I had clinic on Thursday, previously I was told to wait and see about a holiday and that I possibly couldn't go until September as I'm sure most of you know, me and Stu didn't really get a honey moon, so to speak. We spend a few nights in Cornwall and it was a very grand hotel but dying on your 'honey moon' isn't much fun. So we were hoping to do away for a 2 week break on our first wedding anniversary. Which is next week 16th of June. I decided to see if we could go away for 4 days to Paris or Spain. I was desperate to get away and would just love to go anywhere for a short amount of time. I got the go ahead. We have just booked Disney Paris for 3 days!! I'm so excited I can't believe it, I can't even begin to tell everyone how excited I am, I went into the travel agents today and it just came out to expensive for us £1700+ but I got on the Internet tonight and have sorted out a deal that's less than half that!!! Still the most expensive 3 days of my life but for once when you've got to do something you've just got to do it and we have. I feel so highly emotional and grateful, I'm living and enjoying my life doing the things I've wanted to do, Holidays were such a big part of what I wanted to be able to do post TX, Just to enjoy every second and soak up all that life has to offer. I'm so grateful I feel like I could burst. So on the 16th we fly to paris and stay at the best disney hotel and go to the disney parks!

I'm going to leave it there, a short but sweet post.