Sunday 22 September 2013

Slight blip on the path to recovery but life continues

So Monday I woke with terrible chest pain, a sleepless night of tossing and turning and only being able to sleep on my back as the pain increased and felt like my heart had moved to where the pain was and pulsating through it causing me agony. Off to exeter hospital I trotted, I know any signs of symptoms of things not being right I have to get checked out due to my gastric/oesophagus issues and the possibility of refluxing into my lungs despite my fundo wrap. Also regardless of these issues anything wrong at such an early stage post transplant is amplified and can cause a lot more damage. I'm still shaken by my chronic rejection with my first transplant and so feeling very nervous about any little thing.

After a slightly fuzzy X-ray and a temperature I was transferred to harefield, put of tramadol for the pain and told I may or may not be bronched. Wednesday I was put on the emergency bronch list and starved all day for a bronch that never happened, but instead went ahead the next day. I dislike bronchs a lot, after waking up in agony from one with a collapsed lung.

I woke up still in the theatre, I usually wake in the recovery room, straight away blood came flying up from my lungs and most of it ended up all over me and some into a bowl. I hate it when you first wake after a bronch and those first few breaths feel really hard as they have been assisting your breathing through it, it like you've forgotten how to breathe on your own. That's how I always felt after using the bipap but 10 times worse because my lungs at that time weren't really sure how to breathe most of the time.

I was wheeled into recovery and continued to cough up a lot of blood, you cough up blood when they take biopsies, they always take biopsies with me now to check for aspirations due to gastric/oesophagus problems and chronic rejection. This particular bronch must have just caught a well perfused area as iv not coughed up this much blood since pre first transplant.

Later that day I was told that the bronch looked very clear and although there initial thoughts were infection there was no mucus in my lungs and it may be a virus which I seemed to have gotten over on my own. I would be allowed home as soon as my biopsy results came back.

Unfortunately the results didn't come back completely clear, I was told instantly that they were not at all worried and neither should I be. Easy for them to say but I'm still dealing with the emotional fall out of chronic rejection and being told I was going to die, so anything slightly squiffy worries me as i've said. It seems I have organised pneumonia, which I had as the very beginning of my chronic rejection and reflux issues. Organised pneumonia isn't a bug or infection as it sounds like, it's a immune response to something not quite right, it's inflammation in the lungs caused by the white cells, the treatment is a medium dose of steroids. Organised pneumonia is believed to be linked to reflux and the end of virus's or infection. So it could be from the end of my infection I have recently finished Ivs for or it could be a sign that my liquid/soft food diet and other precautions taken against reflux/aspiration is not working and either prof Hannah will have to have a rethink to see if there's any surgery he can do to stop it or I will have a peg fitted into my jejunum (small bowl) and be nil by mouth forever, the aim of this is to bypass my stomach so food doesn't reflux into my lungs. For now I'm on 25 mg of pred and I guess we will see if this helps and my lung function continues to improve and a biopsy will be repeated soon.

I remain worried, but obviously positive. I see myself as a very pragmatic person, a realist and there for will deal with this in the same way.

So now I'm back at my Nan's and life is continuing. Therefore leading me on to my good news and exciting week. Me and Stuart have made an offer on a house and it has been accepted! We are going to be home owns. This is a dream come true, I'm so excited that we got here, we made it all because of my two amazing donors, I will never forget them. Also it is nearly my birthday! I am so excited another birthday I didn't think I would make and there for feel it is slightly more special and a time to say thanks for all that I have. I cannot wait to celebrate the gift that is life.

Lastly I took my first walk for months with Kia yesterday on arriving home from hospital. It amazed me as I walked how effortless it was to breathe when before it was so hard, like every breath could be my last and how those tears ran down my face through pure fear, yet now I am standing here, walking without a single thought on how to breathe. thanks to my donors💕💕

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Saturday 7 September 2013


I have had a short break from my blog, so I apologise to those who have asked for updates. The reason for my break was to take time to heal, reflect and recover. Although I'm writing this it certainly doesn't mean I have finished that process, post transplant recovery take months, some say your not recovered physically for about a year, emotionally I guess everyone is different, but I don't know if we ever truly recover from near death experiences although they do get put to one side and for us to carry on life in the most 'normal' way possible. As I said in a previous blog before my chronic rejection set in I felt the most recovered and 'normal' as I would ever get. Now my goal is to get back to that and rushing emotional recovery isn't something I would ever do.

So where am i now? I am out of hospital I have been for a week and a day, it's been 4 weeks today since my transplant, 4 weeks since some stranger once again gave me the gift of life, 4 weeks and some where there is a family out there grieving, please think of them and wish them peace and my donor rest peacefully in heaven.

I am at my nans with my husband while I recover and we look for a house, our first house to buy. It's so exciting and at the same time scary, it's such a huge decision when looking at houses whether we are going to pick the right one for us. I can't tell you how happy I am that I have such a normal worry such as buying a house!

Physically I am weak, but no where near as weak as I was the first time, but still I have a way to go, I am walking lots and sometimes I forget to rest in between, my mind thinks I can just go back to how things were before, my body is in need of time, but I know we will get there.

Finally I just want to take a minute to thank you, thank all of you who have supported me, helped my hospital packs in the last few months which will be ready to go out for Christmas. I have been buying lots of fun crafty things and exciting goodies for them and it has provided me with much needed distraction from myself and my own situation. I want to thank everyone who had donated to the packs and to the fund which my friend set up for me personally, I have no Idea what I will spend that on, but I will put it to good use. I also want to thank all the lovely people who sent me cards, present and simple messages of encouragement. These message in those hours of darkness brightened my day and on good days widened my smile. Simple things have such a great effect and I cannot thank everyone enough.

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