Friday 17 October 2014

Full house

My life has moved on. I feel like I have begun the greatest chapter of my life. My health is the best it has been, there will always be something but to me it's nothing. It's just life. Every night I curl up in my bed there is more life in this body then there ever has been. More life in this house...

My husband, my little Kia (best friend and pup) and my nephew.

My nephew Charlie (15) now lives with us. I have always tried to take a active role as auntie in my many nieces and nephews lives as much as possible. Although that wasn't possible for so long. Now I feel I may have all the time in the world to give. It was such a big decision for us as a family but ultimately a great decision.

I love having him here and helping him through one of the most important years of his schooling. I hope me and Stuart can guide him through his decisions and help him find his way in the world. It's such a precious gift being able to help mould someone. To parent them. A gift we never thought we would have, but gifts don't always come in the most conventional ways.

Who knows what his life will hold but I hope the most important lesson I can teach him is to live life to the full, as if today is the last day of your life but dream as though you will live forever.

Left to right. My sister Kerrie, my niece Kaylee (13) my nephew Reece (5) me and Charlie

Just one of the ways my life is changing for good...

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