Saturday 27 April 2013

The honeymoon

This was written on the 14th as I flew out to gran canaria, I had an amazing time and caught a beautiful tan!

As I sit here, I'm on my way to my honey moon. 1year and 10months married and 4 and half years together. Enduring more than most couples. I want to tell you what my marriage means to me. Having been through so much together and had a brilliant documentary made about us, some think that maybe we are the perfect couple? We certainly aren't, like most couple we fight and argue and we have had some extremely tough points as a couple, points where perhaps we've even wondered if we are right together.

As I sit here though, I cannot imagine being without this man and I always said that marriage to me doesn't mean we will be in eternal bliss together a bubble of love. It means fighting through, battling to maintain the love. When you are first together you love each other faults and all, it's easy, you are so wrapped up in the sparkle of the shining new relationship, but marriage mean carrying on when the sparkle is not there to fool you and deflect all your partners fault. It means patience at time, when it is not often there, it means being friends and talking through the faults. If a problem arises you can't just say well that's it it means working through. I have a real beliefs that my marriage will last, like I say not because we're perfect but I hope that we will always want to fight and battle though. Sometimes we have to remind each other of why it's worth fighting for, why we are worthy of the others love. When I sit back and really think about the man I married and why, I remember, his patience for my anger, his kindness, his caring nature that has nursed me and how he knows me, he knows everything about me and loves me because of it and in some ways despite it. His humour and silly nature and how our silly natures fit together. We certainly have this unspoken language that only we share. He is the one person I have In trusted with every piece of knowledge about me, things I would share with no one else. In all of this there is a deep love for each other and in that we find our own eternal bliss not one that was made up in a book but a real one with all the grit and roughness of life. One that far surpasses fiction.

I would also just like to say I love you Stuart and I really do believe if soul mates exist then I cannot believe there's anyone out there who would fit with me more perfectly.

So nearly 2 years since we were married here's our honeymoon and first week away since tx!

Dedicated to my gorgeous husband.
I will be updating on the going ons since I have been back as well it's been eventful in some good and not so good ways.

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