Monday 11 July 2011


Kirstie's transplant went well, and she  has been breathing on her new lungs ! The doctors are very pleased with her progress and tomorrow the work begins towards a full recovery.
I hope the next blog will be from my daughter.
Thank you again for all your kind thoughts and best wishes.
 Kirstie's Mum


Just to let you know after a very tough time yesterday, we left the hospital at 8pm, knowing that time was running out. Although Kirstie had done her best trying to breath for herself, she was getting more and more tired. we left for home and about an hour and a half later i recieved a call from Harefield saying there was a possiblilty lungs were available. Stuart and i arrived back at the hospital soon after to talk to the surgeron it was looking good but we had to wait for all the tests to come back, they all came back good, but we still would,nt know until they had been checked, at 7.40am we were told yes! they were good !!!!
Kirstie was taken to theatre soon after to be put on by-pass till the lungs arrive. They hope to carry out the transplant between 10am and 12pm then it will take about 4-6 hours.
Kirstie does'nt know she is having her new lungs yet as she has been sedated since yesterday ! hoping all goes well, and she will wake up find out she got what she has fought so long and hard for.
Our thoughts also go to the donors family, without them giving there permission Kirstie would'nt be getting her second chance. I know my daughter will always be grateful and will continue her charity work to make people aware of organ donation, and how it can change someones life.
Hoping to give everyone the good news soon.    
 Kirstie's Mum         

Thursday 7 July 2011


Hi this is Kirstie's mum again this is just a short blog to let everyone know whats been happening over the last few days.
The team at Harefield Hospital became very concerned about Kirsties condition and talked about maybe putting her on ecmo which is a machine to buy her more time. This has had to go ahead as she got much worse, Kirstie was becoming exhusted. This meant she  had to go on a ventilater, but they hoped to get her off that as soon as possiable, then let ecmo do the work. Kirstie did today manage to get off the ventilater after 24hrs and the doctor was amazed that she had done so well so quickly. But unfortuantely this evening she had to go back on the ventilater as her sats dropped. Kirstie has been sedated and is resting, tomorrow is another day and i am sure she will fight to get off the ventilater again and be ready to recieve her new lungs when the time comes.   
I have the most amazing daughter ever, i have watched her fight for her life and i hope that soon i will be able to tell you all the news we long for.

Sunday 3 July 2011

Helicopter To Harefield Hospital

This is Kirstie's mum writing on her blog to let everyone know whats been happening over the last 3 days !
Kirstie went back into Exeter hospital on Thursday by ambulance, struggling to breath and not able to get off her bi-pap. Early Friday morning I had a phone call from the Nurse to say Kirstie wanted me there as she had had a bad morning and was struggling.
When I arrived Kirstie was in pain and not looking very good. The consultant Chris Shelden came into see her, after talking with her and giving her morphine to make her more comfortable, a decision was made later to air lift her to the transplant unit at Harefield hospital to give her her only chance. We thought that chance had come late saturday evening, but unfortunatly we were told three hours later that although the lungs matched they were to big, not Kirstie's turn, but maybe next time. Kirstie will remain at Harefield for now until a suitable donor is found as they can give her more time. Despite everyones dissapointment she remains up beat and optimistic. Hoping the next blog is the news we are all waiting for.