Friday 8 June 2012

Disney Paris

Well I had clinic on Thursday, previously I was told to wait and see about a holiday and that I possibly couldn't go until September as I'm sure most of you know, me and Stu didn't really get a honey moon, so to speak. We spend a few nights in Cornwall and it was a very grand hotel but dying on your 'honey moon' isn't much fun. So we were hoping to do away for a 2 week break on our first wedding anniversary. Which is next week 16th of June. I decided to see if we could go away for 4 days to Paris or Spain. I was desperate to get away and would just love to go anywhere for a short amount of time. I got the go ahead. We have just booked Disney Paris for 3 days!! I'm so excited I can't believe it, I can't even begin to tell everyone how excited I am, I went into the travel agents today and it just came out to expensive for us £1700+ but I got on the Internet tonight and have sorted out a deal that's less than half that!!! Still the most expensive 3 days of my life but for once when you've got to do something you've just got to do it and we have. I feel so highly emotional and grateful, I'm living and enjoying my life doing the things I've wanted to do, Holidays were such a big part of what I wanted to be able to do post TX, Just to enjoy every second and soak up all that life has to offer. I'm so grateful I feel like I could burst. So on the 16th we fly to paris and stay at the best disney hotel and go to the disney parks!

I'm going to leave it there, a short but sweet post.


  1. Hope you have the best time ever you deserve it xxx

  2. I hope you get to go, I'm going on the 13th! Enjoy every second xx

  3. YAY. disney is fab and so magical going. You will have the best time.
    If you are ever looking at doing it again, but going for longer and feel up to driving there, try a company called Canvas Holidays. Been going with them since I was little and you are able to tour around and change site and such, but they have one close to disney.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time! The Disney hotels are so fun!xx

  5. Disney is THEE best place to celebrate anything and EVERYTHING!!! I am ecstatic for you Kirstie! I just celebrated my 50th birthday (which is pretty much unheard of at 50 yrs old with CF) and had the time of my life!!! Many many blessings and prayers of good health and come back renewed, refreshed and with an even bigger zeal for life (if that's possible! Lol) than ever! May God shine His face upon you and give you favor everywhere you and Stu go! God bless you, you are truly an inspiration! Xo

  6. WOW , just watched you on Australian TV, you are so amazing and i wish you and Stuart a very happy healthy long life together, Krissy :)

  7. Kirstie,

    Hope that you and Stu have the time of your life as the two of you deserve this so much. Tell Mickey and Goofy, "Hello" for us!!!

  8. I just want to say you look amazeing and I am so happy for you and how far you have come.

  9. Hey Kirstie, your posts are inspiring. I'm from Australia and have just heard about your story. It is very close to home for our family as our 16 yr old daughter Katelin has CF. She has been quite well for most of her life but the moment she hit 15yrs she has adopted the attitude that nothing will happen to her and has neglected her daily physio, her daily medications and is not looking after herself or even allowing us to look after her. Her lung function is 70% at the moment but before a recent 2 week stint in hospital, her lung function dropped to 56%. This is the worst ever for her. It scared her when she was in hospital but now she is out and back to her world, she doesn't seem to care again. Only 3 days out of hospital and she has another chest infection. What are the words we need to say to her to help her to see that she isn't playing a game? We are tracking down your show to watch it with her in the hope that it might get her to take better care of herself but I was wondering if there was anything else you might be able to do to help? Cheers Kellie

    1. If only I had the anwser to that question, I guess there are no magic words, unfortunatly in this situation you need to let her grow and make her own choices hwo ever wrong and deverstating they may be to her future, Its a painful thing to watch for you all, hopefully she will realise quickly and minimal damage will be done. Its something that all teenagers with CF experience but its all to differnet degrees, I had a few unlucky things happen in my teens that didn't really allow me to miss treatments as I would be very poorly, but I did rebel at stages when I could. I also have to say that all CFers no matter what age, if they tell you there 100% compliant then they are lying. Being 'expert patients' means we often take the judgement of what meds we can do on what days, sometimes we completly miss the mark as were not 'experts' like the phrase says. Just very knowlegable. Also if we did do our treatment 100% compliant we simply wouldn't have a life, due to pills needing to be taken at this time and that time, on a full stomach a empty stomach ect.

      I guess the only thing they can try is to help where they can to make it simpler and easier. Prehaps she need contact with with the CF world? does she have contact with other CFers. There are plenty of online forums. Sometimes talking to others having a hard time can give you a real kick up the bum and also just having some one who understands and has been there.