Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Russel Howard

Being picked up in a silver Mercedes, not how I start all my days, but something I could clearly get used to. We arrived at the studio 3 hours later after falling asleep the whole way down, due to the plush comfy seats. When we arrived and greeted be lots of people all assuring us that they were really really happy to meet me and were sooo Glad I came, I decided to remind them at this point they did know Russell Howard was here and I was pretty sure he was far more interesting then me. I felt slightly taken back by what a warm and positive reception I had and how people assured me that my piece had made such an impact on the night of the show and how inspirational i am.

Inspirational, Its a word i hear alot lately and find it so strange, I guess because so many people are in my position and do the same thing everyday, they live, they smile and we get on with it. I try to help spread a little bit of my thoughts on the world and encourage people to be organ donors and I hope that makes a difference, I think It is, I'm pretty sure it is. When I have people coming up to me and saying that I'm inspirational, I guess that means I have and that they have signed the organ donor register. To be honest I feel very humbled that its because of me.

Anyway me and Stu were brought dinner at the restaurant in the studio, Lush food and free booze I guess we couldn't ask for anything more. Half way through eating my venison, Russell Howard comes over to say hello! The main man him self, I didn't think we'd get to meet him quit yet as i was told he was in his down time for the show and imagined him meditating for some strange reason. We chatted briefly and he was pretty cool, we talked about when they aired my piece and apparently I have a lovely west country accent which i find quit strange as I thought when I listened to myself I sounded like a common London girl, I think I'm more happy with the lovely west country accent analogy from Russell. We discussed listening to yourself for the first time on T.V you know like us celebrity folk do ;-) lol.

We then went to watch the show which was hilariously brilliant and I really enjoyed it, the mystery guest was somewhat worrying and I have to say I'm glad he didn't stick around after the show, as he liked to make perfume out of his own POO. Yes POO. he was a strange man and his next scientific/artistic project, yep that's right apparently its all in the name of science and art, he making rings with the imprint of your anus ring on, 'so you can wear your ring' yep that's right totally  crazed and demented rolled into one. Something you really have to watch the show for, I wonder what parts of that interview will actually be suitable for t.v at all. So after the show Me, Russ Stu and a few members of his team were discussing this insane man and the fact that Russell had shaken this man hand, we then got on to pondering what this man does in his spare time and we concluded with poopcicals. That is all I'm going to say really. The night was truly amazing, full of hysterics and strange conversations, something that is quite common with me anyway. Russ invited us to see one of his gigs on his live tour, but asks that i don't throw poopcicals at him, I'm worried that I will now be known as that weird girl who he talked poopcicals with rather than the inspirational girl he originally thought I was. :-/

Before he left as we were sat having a few free drinkies as you do when theres a free bar, he asked us if we wanted a photo, errrr yes, we had been wondering if it was totally geeky to do the fan thing and ask, but we snatched the opportunity up and here's us.

Russell Howard, Me, Stuart (Maud my wheelchair)
Him and his producer said If there was anything they could do to help with organ donation campaign, well I have been thinking I would like to get a photo of him in the Live life then give life t-shirt and get it put on the celeb supporters web site and also If he wore it on one of his gigs and just said 'im wearing this in support of organ donation' simple but I think affective and there would be so many people there who could then thing about organ donation. I will be thinking of other ways to utilize His celeb status and spread the organ donation message. I just also have to say what a fab guy he is and this all his good new pieces on the show are always really heart warming and inspiring and what a help he must be to what ever piece he shows just by adding his support to it. Brilliant

So that's my up date on going to see Russell Howard.

Just a few other things to say, I had my meeting on Monday about home care, we have been told we need to move, upsetting and annoying. But a needs must. The stairs are simply to hard for me to deal with and we can't have a stair lift fitted as its a private rent, Last time I used the stair i ended up with a temperature as my lungs are just to weak and can't handle them anymore. In the mean time I will have a OT assessment and careers coming in to help with physio, cleaning, mealtimes and general day to day stuff I may need help with. Also I am still set homeward bound for Friday!!! I am soooo excited!! IVs and lots of meds in the mix but lets just hope I'm home for at least a week.


  1. AW RUssell comes across as SUCH the gent. I love his show, and saw him live a few months ago. He seems so genuine. I also like the fact he does his good news at the end, so touching that he thinks of these things.

    I have been following your blog for a short while, since the show was aired possibly. I am actually at the end of my OT training ,and was wondering if you had had an OT ax yet, glad to hear it is all moving forward, even if it does mean needing to move. At least it may mean improvements for your health if you dont have to use the stairs. xxx

  2. Kirstie, you are stunning :) I can't wait to watch the show tomorrow night to see this mystery guest! Friday will be here soon :) xx

  3. I'm so jealous I LOVE him, genuinely I find him so hilarious!!! And you look stunningggg as usual my love! Glad you're getting help at home, obviously not great that you have to move but if it helps to keep you more well when you are at home, it will be worth it :)xx

  4. I love how much RH is able to do to help you in your cause and I think its fantastic and signed up for the organ donor register myself because of what an inspiration you have been. And your a fantastic ambassador for the cause ;)

  5. Russell always comes across as a really nice guy so it's good to hear that he has taken you and your cause under his wing.
    Here's to a safe move and good news all round x

  6. Hi there, Kirstie. Just wanted to let you know that I just posted a link to your post on the Fabulous Bakin Boys' Facebook page: Hope it helps get some more people reading your blog.