Thursday, 14 April 2011

Care Plan

Well, today I had my care package put in place, my carer came round this morning at 10am and we chatted about CF and my life and waiting for new lungs and what that means. She met Kia, obviously an important thing for anyone coming into my home. I think she is firmly a Kia fan, most people are.

She ran me a bath, made my bed, dried my hair and made me breakfast and as of Wednesday next week they will be trained to do my physio. It was pretty successful. I felt really comfortable with her and I'm actually feeling really happy about this whole step, yes it means I'm iller, but its making my life easier so I can reserve energy for the good stuff. :-D She came back in the afternoon to make me lunch, which was great it was good to know I didn't have to stress about having to get up and make it myself and not feeling up to it. Most of the time id just go hungry.

She said she'd been online and looked at my news pieces as I had told her about them, she said she was glad she saw them after she met me otherwise she would have felt to upset to come, It makes me feel bad when people get so upset by my story, but its emotion is the only way to get people to understand about CF and how important organ donation is.

I thought about another thing she said, about how most of the people they give care to are old people, it must be weird treating me, 21 and so ill. I also said this was one of my better days, she's glad it was, I think its best to ease her into how i can be, I don't want to scare her, even today was pretty bad and I sensed that she thought so to. It looks like ill have about 3-4 people coming in and out but hopefully they will try to keep it down so I can build a bit of repore with these people, I felt I could really do that with the women today.

For those of you who missed my ITV piece update here's the link LINK. I'm also working away on a few other media things to spread the organ donation message., so watch this space.


  1. I'm glad you felt comfortable with her!!

    V xx

  2. Glad it went well today. I can imagine how she felt, having worked in care for a few years, and we always worry if we are building good relationships with the people we support. I'm so glad to hear you feel you can :)

    Hope it all helps x

  3. I'm glad that it went well :) Anything that makes you life a little easier must be a good thing!! xx

  4. Glad you liked your carer!

    I have 24hr care as im paralysed from the chest down.

    It has been very hit & miss.

    I have a blog to i sometimes write about PA's

    Check it out we can share stories :D

  5. Glad you got on with her, it's bound to make it so much easier if you've got a bond with the carer, I'd feel nervous around a different stranger every day, hopefully they'll stick to a minimum change of people :) xx

  6. Well done for taking this step superstar - I had wonderful carers whilst I was waiting and built up a close rapore with my main one, Michelle. Here's hoping it makes your day to day life that little bit easier :)


  7. Kirstie- you Are an inspiration not only to CF sufferers but every single person out there like me, who takes being fit and healthy for granted. Your blog has opened my eyes, made me see that I am lucky and unfortunately some aren't, and it motivates me to succeed.
    I wish you all the best, i also wish I had one percent of the strength, drive and determination you have. If everyone was like you the world would be a better place.
    Take care kirstie

    Rich x