Sunday, 17 April 2011

Enjoying Life

The last few days have been good, Friday night I went out with the original pole girls, this is a group of my students who were there from the start when I first started my business, One of them is leaving to live in way mouth, so we held a good-bye dinner at the local Chinese and had a few drinks.

It was lovely, for me I also felt it was a a bit of a good-bye pole dinner, as its the first time iv seen them all together in a while since iv completely stopped teaching. It was a chance to let them all know how ill I am, although I still feel that is lost on some of them, I love them all, but I think its hard to realise that your super fit pole dancing instructor is desperately in need of a lung transplant and exactly what that means in real life, as in how it affects me.

One thing I picked up on is that one of them, she said something like you don't want Maud (my wheelchair) at your wedding though do you' to which i simply replied 'I don't want Maud in my life full stop, but i have no choice over the matter' I'm not choosing to use her because I'm lazy and i get a little bit tired with out her, i use her because I'm simply to weak most days to think of a way i can go with out her, she is a part of my life I dislike very much but without her, there wouldn't be anything left of my life apart from sitting at home, so in a way as much as she is my enemy, shes also a great friend.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this get together, but it left me exhausted and Stu picked me up after a drink at the wine bar,soft drink, id had to much alchol (2 glass's of wine) at this point and it was hurting my delicate stomach.

So yesterday we headed of to cribbs, shopping time, I'm still without any money, but i had decided that the money I made from selling my 2 old poles would go on clothes, I rarely treat myself and I decided Life is simply to short, a moto I'm really starting to go with these days. I brought lots of pretty things and wanted to buy a few pairs of pj's, iv told you about my pj obsession before but with no transplant bag packed, I really need some to go in it. But there were none, literally none, apart from the ones that were stupidly expensive. So no pj's I guess that's another shopping trip.

We went to cribbs because of its even surface and the fact its indoors all good things when your in a wheel chair, plus if i did get any energy to walk I could. Unfortunately leaving the house that morning being a military mission we forgot alot of important things, the main one my MST (Pain relief) so my lungs were in agony and not fit to walk.

So today, I'm off to exmouth, to take in the sun, in one of my new out fits, with my mum, ash (her partner) and i think Jamie (his son) So I'm really looking forward to this. Plus later my brother Chris is coming over, hes a mechanic and a taxi driver and i asked him the other day if he could pimp Maud (wheelchair) So I'm going to have sparkly pimped Maud, with my pole dancing logo on wheel covers as if there the spokes, he thought of this him self and I'm very impressed with the idea. I love my big brother alot and really want to spend alot more time with him, I think we both realise we need to (you know just in case).

So I think that's everything for now, I'm looking forward to 2 days of with Stu Monday and Tuesday, were sorting evening invites Monday and chasing up all who haven't replied by the RSVP for the ceremony invites, which is alot, I'm very unhappy, I spent all my time and effort into the invites people should have the politeness to simply reply, god help those who haven't (that's a warning if you're one of them people and your reading this) Then Tuesday Stu is sorting out his suit, yea a little bit late but lets hope not to late :-/.


  1. Hi Kirstie, well thats a brighter post than some of the previous ones. Hope you get all your RSVPs sorted out its exhausting at the best of times never mind when you are ill, sometimes we need to realize that the world is bigger and more important at times than ourselves!!
    Enjoy your well deserved time with Stu big hugs x

  2. They usually have some lush PJs in La Senza (or at least on the site) and there's always some on sale. I got my favourite owly ones from there :D (even if the trousers are checky and make me feel like a picnic blanket..!)

    Sparkly pimped out wheelchair is deffo the way to go! xx

  3. Hello it's Rachel so pleased to hear that you are having some enjoyment. Hope you manage to have a lot more fun days because you deserve it Kirstie.
    Did you manage to talk to your landlord about having a stair lift fitted? I do hope he/she has agreed for it to be done.
    Take care, luv and hugs xx

  4. I LOVE getting new pjs!
    When we got married loads of people didnt reply to our invites, its so frustrating and rude!

  5. New pj's are always a definite win!! Colourful ones are always a favourite :D
    Take Care :)