Sunday, 3 April 2011

The last few days

Thursday was a tiring day, I did filming with ITV for westcountry new, updating everyone that I'm on the list and what that means. This will possibly be aired on Wednesday night, although that's not a defant yet.

Me all done up for ITV with my lush hairband Elly sent me in.
Friday I got to see my beautiful girl Kia, my nan and grandad brought her up to me and I went out to the car park and had hugs with her, she'd had a hair cut so looked gorgeous. Hers a piccy of my gorgeous girl.

handmade by tracy jane

Escaping the hospital yesterday, me and Stu drove round delivering wedding invites, just the ceremony invites at the moment (left), we have plans to deliver the evening invites (right) at a later date.
The invites are beautiful, the colors are in our wedding colour scheme and I think they make a gorgeous contrast. Stu will be wearing pink cravat and handkerchief and the groom party with be wearing aqua tie and handkerchiefs. My bridesmaid, my big Sister Kerrie is wearing a gorgeous aqua, Grecian style dress and my other bridesmaid Kia will be wearing pink and aqua bows. Theres going to be lots of pink and aqua accessories.

Anyway after the invites We Picked Kia up and went home to have some dinner, but by the time we got home I started to feel really unwell, I ended up with a huge temp, cuddled up in bed with kia and Stu, had dinner and came back to the hospital early. I crawled into the hospital bed, but kept on being interrupted all night with docs checking on me obs being done, x-ray and bloods. I felt so poorly, I hadn't had a temp in a couple of days so was upset to have one again even though I'm on 3 sets of IVs. I think I'm a bit better, but I think this is about as good as its going to really get. My Flem is still very thick and my chest is still full and my breathing feels not much better, I have days where I find it hard to walk a couple of meters and other days where I can manage it. I suppose the only thing that has really improved is the frequency of my temperatures. I'm still on 02 24/7 at the moment and feel uncomfortable off of it. I saw one of my docs this morning and he basicly said that I can expect to get regular temps with my lungs as bad as they are, it made me feel like I should shut up and get on with it, but then I suggested to my nurse that maybe next time I have paracetamol drip as its far more affective then oral paracetamol and quicker. I know these are thinks that I have to get on with but some simple things set in place would make it much easier to cope with, such as the IV paracetamol.

Tuesday, me and Stu are being picked up to go to and watch Russell Howard being filmed and have dinner with the team :-) how cool is that? His producer got in touch after the show and asked us if we wanted to go and watch a show. So I'm really looking forward to that.

Plans for later in the week are to head home on Friday! I hope the temp doesn't stop this, so fingers crossed.


  1. Awww Kia is gorgeous! I'm normally scared of dogs but I don't think I could be scared of such a little cutie!
    Dawn xx

  2. Hun! Are you having Kia as a bridesmaid, that's amazing. I've said I want Foxxy as my bridesmaid along with my sister and sister-in-law (to be!) How exciting. The invites are gorgeous and colour scheme sounds so pretty, it will be a great day :)! Enjoy Russell Howard! xx

  3. Your invites are absolutely gorgeous, I love the colour scheme! Hope you have a fantastic time on Tuesday night seeing Russell Howard, what a lovely thing for them to do for you :) xx

  4. beautiful invites love! reading this reminds me so much of my cousin Linzi's road to transplant and her wedding plans just before she got the call. Will look out for you on the telly this week, keep strong hun, everything is crossed! xx

  5. Hi you look really pretty in your photo and I will look out for you on wednesday night I normaly watch the news. Kia is lovely you must miss her so much but dont forget that she will never forget who her mummy is. I really do hope you get home on friday you have been in the hospital for so long now, I will keep my fingers crossed. Love and hugs Rachel xxx

  6. Keep fighting Kirstie, you'll get that transplant hunxxxxxxx

  7. Keep fighting Kirstie, you'll get the transplant that you need. Hope it's not too far in the future.

  8. Well done on the filming hun, not easy when on oxygen and can take its toll on your lungs when you're on the edge and unsure of whats happening. You sound like you've got great coping mechanisms. Your wedding invites are lovely and nice of you to share with your followers. The show will be great. I saw alan carr and a few other shows pre transplant. The studio are pretty good making sure you have somewhere to pop your o2, near the loo, accessible seating, often priority seating...they will help out as long as they know the details xxx lots to keep you focused hun

  9. Hey, yet another really interesting post Kirstie. I don't read any books at the moment because I'd rather come and read your story, it is all so interesting. Hope you had fun seeing Russell Howard and your wedding invites do look amazing. You also look very beautiful in the picture before filming.
    Take care and hope the temps become less frequent! xx

  10. Oh my gosh Kirstie you have been busy, your handmade wedding invites are stunning and am sure reflect your personality beautifully. How long have you got to go for the wedding and would like me to make you something for your big day on me?
    How long to the wedding now?

  11. Just wanna say I think your a real inspiration, if only the world was full of more people like yourself! You should read 'The Secret' by Rhonda Bryne, if you haven't already, it shows just how effective positive attitude is. As if you aren't living proof!:P
    Best of luck! although am sure you won't need it!