Saturday, 5 November 2011


Yesterday beautiful Rachael Wakefield was layed to rest. My thoughts lie with her family and close Friend Holly. I always admired Rachael her pure bravery, heart of gold, even through her toughest times she had time to ask how I was doing and we talked over things that neither of us should have to have thought about palliative care, Rachael had been through the palliative care before but luckily got a transplant in time, but sadly her transplanted lungs had taken sever damage through pneumonia and she was facing heart and lung failure and again she faced that dreaded palliative care. She talked things through with me and we talked about our love of pajamas. I missed our conversations, I wanted to so badly to talk about my rehab with her, I remember her saying how hard it was and how she didn't realise how hard different surface were and how out of breath and achy they made her legs. She was one of the only people I thought might understand where I was coming from. Ill never get to share them conversations with her, or simply talk about how much we love pajamas.

Here's a poem for rachael.

Goodbye my friend,
I never wanted that letter to be the end,
I hope you breath easy,
Take hold of my butterfly and let it flutter by,
All the way to heavens doors,
Where all your pain will be no more,

Goodbye my friend,
sending all the love I can send,
I hope its your way I hope It right,
I hope heaven will keep you safe every night,
you'll be so missed I am sure,
We couldn't have loved you any more

Goodbye my friend,
an inspiration A fighter,
You shinned so bright,
you couldn't have shinned any brighter.


  1. Such an amazing girl.
    I'm so blessed to have called her a friend. <3
    you're both true heros