Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Love on the Transplant list airing soon

Hey guys so as you know my doc is out soon, 28th nov at 9pm on BBC3 heres a few clips

Love On the Transplant list trying on my dress

Love on the Transplant list my wedding

Love on the Transplant list, my husband

and heres a few articals

BBC3 Synopsis

Radio times


also in TV times and reveal this week

Tommorrow night im going to speak at the switching of the lights in exeter and also switching them on, Im ebing interviewed on ITV news for the doc and then for the lights going on.

I hope you all enjoy the doc.


  1. It's the first documentary on life with CF I really liked.
    You are very strong and that gives me hope. Thank you.

  2. Kirstie - I'm sat watching you on the tv right now after your transplant. You are one very courageous young woman. I wish you and Stuart all the best for a long happy life together.