Thursday, 10 November 2011

Juniour doctors seminar

Today I traveled form Honiton to The Royal free hospital to talk 50 student on transplant and my personal transplant experience from life on the list, my decline and going through ecmo and transplant. It was amazing. I'm so glad I did it, I felt i really did it justice and as I got in to the swing of things like I was really engaging with my audience. Maritn Carby, Nonnie Reed and Sarah sterling all said I did amazingly well and I felt truly proud of myself. Its certainly something I want to do more of.

Also seeing Sarah sterling was great, I hadn't seen her since ITU she litrally did everything in her power to keep me alive and also communicated with my family every step of the way. Truly an amazing Dr. We talked about the whole experience again, Ecmo and having to be ventilated and sedated. I asked her opinion on how long she thought I had left If I didn't receive my transplant, something I know the awnser of but Wanted to hear he opinion, she said she thought I had hours left and she was surprised I had lasted as long as I did, but she knew I was just holding on for my transplant.  She remembered being on the phone on the way in the moring of my Tx and the doc was saying He'd just cleared my lungs out but there was alot of blood still there and things weren't good, just as she was about to hang up they said ' oh and theres some lungs on the way' and she sighed the biggest sigh of relief.

She also said she would be happy to be filmed for the next doc in a conversation with me about how things went.

So tomorrows I'm off to collect my new bike A boardmen and then off to Birmingham on saturday for the donor family network meeting, to talk about my donor. Also doing a bit more filming for the next doc.

Don't forget chat came out today and I'm in it, some of the dates and things are a bit wrong, apparently I danced at my hen do, i wasn't able to walk to the bathroom unaided so ummm I don't think so.

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