Sunday, 6 November 2011


Here are a few poems I wrote

Thank you is poem I wrote for the 3 people I could always count on when I was sick, Stu, my mum and my nan. They were there taking me to appointments, understanding my ups and downs and they knew how sick I really was when everyone else was living in a day dream that it was all OK.

 Thank You
Thank you for holding me up when I cannot stand,
Thank you for being here when i am scared and holding my hand,
When i am to breathless to speak,
for being the voice that I desperately seek,
When My walls are falling in on me,
Thank you for holding them up and letting the sun shine in for me to see,
Thank you for being my rock my guide,
Thank you for not wanting to run and hide.

Terminal, What does this word mean to carry around?
A weight so heavy tieing me to the ground,
Trapped and helpless it so heavy to bare
Trapped and helpless a burden I don't wan to share,
To you know I am dying is a hard bullet to bite,
To know I am dying makes me wonder whether to fight,
But I will fight this sentence,
This chain around my neck,
But I will fight this sentence,
I am not dead yet!

The gift of life
Living on the edge of life,
feeling like every breaths a fight,
wishing somebody would take me away,
But somebody saved my life that day,
They gave The greatest gift I could ever receive,
They gave the gift of life and now I breath with ease.

Life was fading
Death lingers around me,
I'm sure I felt its touch,
Everyday was getting harder
It begun to feel like the fight for life was to much,
My breathing was laboured,
My views were obscured,
The light was getting stronger,
Your face I could not see,
Your touch was getting weaker,
Please I was begging you let go of me,
Death started to embrace,
The fight for life was coming to the end of the race,
But suddenly the fight was over,
But death had not won,
I was living my life had re begun.

I don't know you
I don't know you,
I don't know what you laughed at,
Or what made you cry,
I don't know if you had a boyfriend,
I don't know if you ever told a lie,
I don't know if you were popular,
or secretive and shy,
I don't know if you were bubbly,
Or what made you ask why,
I don't know if you suffered,
I don't know if you were in pain,
I don't know why he took you,
What made him take your life away,
I don't know why I was chosen,
I don't know why I survived,
I don't know If had known me would you have chosen to save my life?
I will never meet you,
Or get to know you through and through,
But all I can do is say thank you,
Your my hero,
I wouldn't be alive with out you

A poem i just found in my draft posts
Will life ever be different from this,
I find it hard to see
A life where tasks become simple,
Where I will breath easily,
Things are getting harder,
I don't know if im strong,
My views are becomging clouded,
I can't imagine this pain  ever being gone,
Air being forced in my lungs,
as they become to weak and damaged
breathing seems so simple,
But a task I can't seem to manage.....


  1. These poems are beautiful and very moving. Hope things are going well for you xx

  2. Great poems that express things that most people will never experience. Thanks for sharing them:)

  3. Really like your poems. Also getting loads of inspiration from all your sporting activities. Looking forward to the documentary x

  4. wow! your poems are amazing! thanks for sharing :)