Friday, 18 February 2011


It twists and turns, i roll in agony. It feels like some ones ripping my insides out, tearing away at my stomach. Tonight my lungs are taking a back seat and my stomach has decided to give me a beating. Another common cf problem is blockages. With the thick sticky mucus that lays in our intestines mixed with the fact we do not obsord fat without creon, when doses are sometimes off or your on regular high pain relief like me. Your stomach can become blocked.

Sometimes there are signs, a few stomach cramps and a drop in frequency to the loo. For me i always get stomach cramps so its difficult to decide wht ones are wht. I missed all signs and insteed woke in a sweaty, painful mess. Im only able to write this as iv taken lots of pain meds and the pain is discised for a while. I was in so much pain i couldnt really move, stu had to get me my various meds to help me. Movicol, lactalose, senna, tramadol, paracetamol and metacopamide. 3 different laxatives that im not sure will do anything, 2pain reliefe that are working as im not hullusinating with pain, altho i am unsure if this makes sense and anti sickness as tramadol makes me sick and the fact that nothings goin through but im still putting stuff in can make u feel rather sick and i have no chance of clearing this if i cnt keep the meds down.

Cf blockages can end up in surgery so i have to shift this, its not laughing matter. Mine have a tendency to escalate fairly quickly but iv avoided major bowl surgery so far apart from when i was born with micolium ileus.

The pain is still tearing away, i cnt cough as that hurts, but i need to as i cnt breath. I hoping that this clears, i here stu fart in the other room, im jelous, if only i could have some sort of bowl movement.

Well its now 4am. Nothing. All gurgling has stopped, pain barable.

I have to be up in the morning and drive my self to the hosp for my second dose of amacacin. It will be the first time iv driven in 4 weeks, i dnt like driving when i feel really weak. So i havnt but no ones around to drive me 2mz. They might have to if im still like this. Im also suppose to be goin for a coffee and catch up with my friend neil, hes in on culm and also has cf. Hes like a brother to me.

Nothings happening, im tired and may try and sleep through the pain,i know it will be worse later when i wake but im tired and the pain maybe barable enough to sleep.

When writting this blog i knew i would hold nothing back, so there are my pain filled ramblings, im not even sure it makes sense but its real, its honest. It sucks.
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