Sunday, 27 February 2011

Even the sickest of us can donate, think about it.

So something I wanted to post about today was organ donation, despite obvious reason that i am hoping to receive a lung transplant if i am to get on the transplant list. I also wanted to post about it from another aspect. Me and my nurse were chatting away the other day and she asked me if i thought about donating, I said obviously I wouldn't be a very good advocate for organ donation if i wasn't willing to give. We discussed that with the way i was likely to die with CF, I would be a non beating donor and therefore would not be able to donate my heart, but possibly the valves, I would be able to donate my kidneys and many other things. Even the sickest of us have things we can donate. Despite this sounding like a morbid conversation, it wasn't. Death is a very likely prospect for me and if transplant can't save me then perhaps i can save someone else through it. That would make me very happy indeed.

So those of you who thing you can't donate, its a myth, there are very few reasons people can't donate. Those who have organ related disease there are still other organs that are transplant able. Those who smoke, you can even transplant a smokers lungs, vigorous tests are done on all organs, they won't transplant organs if there deemed not suitable. But this shouldn't hold you back from signing the organ donor register.

Those of you who have other reasons holding you back from signing the donor register, they won't try to save me if I'm an organ donor? Yes they will, no body's life is more valuable then anyone Else's. Every one is equal in a doctors eyes and they will try there hardest to save you, but in the tragic event of your death, you might be able to save someone, you might be able to give the greatest gift of all, the gift of life. There are many other myths of organ donation. please check out to dispel them and if you wish to sign the organ donor register please go on to here. It takes 2 minutes.

Please just think about it. The gift of life is the greatest gift of all.


  1. Kirsty....... That was absolutely bloody marvellously written...... U have got such a fantastic way with words.... I love it!!!! Well said!!!!

  2. Exactly!! well said. My uncles's dad died from skin cancer and he was still able to donate his corneas and lenses and has given/restored 4 people's sight.

  3. Its something i have thought about many times,i know many of my major organs would be no good but i am still on the donor register as i feel every little bit helps even if its only my corneas i could still give someone hope with sight.
    You jave a fab way of writing and I hope and pray your call comes very soon x

  4. Kirstie, I also am an organ doner but I also am a transplant recipient. On July second I received a kidney from my sister in law and it truely is the greatest gift. I've always been an organ doner since I was able to be, but never really gave it any thought until I found out about my kidney failure. Your situation is differnt than mine but I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and all organ doners. I can not put into words the differnce this has made in my life. I look at everything in my life differently from friends & family to just the simple joy of watching my daughter play...nothing will ever be the same for me. This gift has made every single day a gift to me. My thoughts are with you as well my prayers keep the faith because I am!