Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Blockage, IVs, ITV, Wedding

Well Saturday was an interesting day, My blockage did not fix its self, I had to wait around till 11:30 am rolling around in pain, till i could go to the hospital to get things sorted. I had to wait for my oxygen to be delivered and two different lots of IVs which came with two different delivery men, why i dont' know. In the mean time waiting around in pain with my nan, trying to ease my pain by rubbing my back, i decided to put an NG tube down and try and flush some movical and lactolose down as i couldn't tolerate swallowing as i felt so sick. I got the NG tube up my nose, down my throat and into me stomach no problem, which was surprising as i had to stop NG feeds a couple of months ago due to inflammation in my nose. But then my nose starting flooding out blood, dripping everywhere. I got the movicol and lactulose down but then 15mintues because the blockage was so bad i vomited everywhere. showing me it was getting really bad. I went into the hosp and they x-rayed me, gave me a paracetamol drip which is just as powerful as morphine but much nicer and less side affects. I then went on to have the gastrographin, awful tasting stuff and things started to clear. they wanted to keep me in Saturday night but i felt far better and had to sign discharge forms as it was against there advice. Things are now fine.

My breathing is far better, I'm hardly needing to use the 02 apart from today, a blip I'm sure, I'm now on amacacin once a day IV and cipro 3times a day IV. I had a home visit yesterday from the cf nurse which was really helpful as iv had to go to the hosp far to much recently, I had lung function done, which was 31%!! whoop whoop. I'm very happy with that. I also had my port bung changed  and bloods. We discussed how much longer I have to be on IVs for they want to do a full 2 weeks of the amacacin so i will have been on IVs 4 and a half weeks by the time i finish.

Today I had my interview with ITV, it should be aired mid next week, but i will update you all on that when i know. The interview went really well, some very hard questions asked, facing my own mortality and how i felt about it, but I'm all very at ease with these sorts of questions and simply said positive, because I'm going to get a transplant and I'm going to be OK, its the only way you can be right?

Also I HAVE A WEDDING DATE!! 16th of June. I cant wait, I'm going back Saturday with the females of the family so they can have a look round, but its all decided and booked. I'm so excited. I can really start going over the finer details. I will be Kirstie Tancock! ITV have asked to do a small bit of filming on the day as they think it will be nice to get that as an update. Iv agreed as it is More publicity for CF,transplant and organ donation and also the wedding venue will get lots of publicity and be inclined to give us more discount. which seeing as we lost £300 pounds from our Cyprus wedding, discount is very helpful!

So I will leave you with that for now, please comment, I like comments!


  1. Yay! All good news!!! A happy post is good to read as I know things are often such a stuggle that I'm glad you have things that have cheared you up!!

    ITV interview sounds awesome, please give me an update with that!!!

    Wedding sounds brilliant, very chuffed for you!


  2. Really pleased about your LF! And hopefully now you've got home O2 it can help to stop bad days becoming worse days :)

    Yay for wedding date! For us fellow sickies who can't be there, obvs, we want LOADSSSS of gorgeous photos!!

    Also, random question, but does Kia have a little part in the wedding? Teehee she'd look so cute! xx

  3. Errr totally, Kia will be walking down the aisle with my Bridesmaid! She will have a lush pink ribbon! x

  4. I like your poll I might actually steal it :) xx

  5. Yippee, a good news post - so pleased you have a wedding date :-) xxx

  6. congratulations on the wedding date :) will definitely be watching on ITV!

    C xx

  7. Glad you are feeling better and things got moving!. I can hear you are getting really excited about June. The time will fly in - less than 4 months - yikes....


  8. Hi honey, I've just noticed u replied to my comment back about 3 weeks ago how rubbish am I? I haven't written anything for a while as been on bramble ward with Millie she has picked up another line infection and been quite poorly this time, she can't seem to get a break at the minute!! Has been a nightmare trying to keep her infection free over the winter which I guess u know all about that, feels like she has been on constant iv antibiotics luckily I can do them at home otherwise we would never b home at this rate!!!
    So exited for u that u have set a date u sound so exited about it I'm so glad for u will have something to look forward to!
    Keep well babe