Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Good candidate

Waking up at 6 in the morning, 4 hours sleep. My lungs were grumpy to say the least, sats were 90 on 3 litres and i felt like shit. The journey was pretty good, the ambulance guys were a great laugh and I soon forgot about my nerves. Arriving at Harefield 11 o'clock, fear and nerves flooded me again. I had bloods, ecg, echo, xray and lung function. My lung function came out at 22% I prefer there lung function machines as the technique got me to relax my lungs first so i was able to get more air out.

I then had some food with my mum and our friend Anne who lives near Harefield and popped up to say hello. We then went back and they did my IVs it was 3pm by this point and i was knackered and had a nap. Then i went in to see one of the docs, he talked through everything transplant related, Ups and Downs, pros and cons. I Knew i still wanted it. Mum was looking a little green if I'm honest. He said I was a good candidate, that i fit the criteria for ill enough, that i am also well enough although there are some things i need to target, my weight is a little low, but this wasn't a big issue, my steroids need to come down as there to high and effect how wounds heal and infection surrounding them, this was something i had not thought about and do not look forward to coming down from these, I feel alot worse trying lower my dose. Also they did mention that my heart seemed to be working very hard, but I hope this will not affect anything.

So the plan from here is to go back in march for 3days and have lots of tests and then is all is ok I will be on the active transplant list. Which i have to say I'm so excited and happy about. I came out of the room beaming, feeling relief and happiness. It seems so real now i can almost touch it. Just imagine what it would be like if i actually got that call.

So now im back on culm in exeter, really tired, but totally starving, there is not alot of food options at 10pm in hosp and im fussy when im not feeling great, the nurses don't seem all that bothered that iv not eaten alot, so i will have to sort something out, maybe a takeaway delivered, before all this hard tryed for weight disappear and then the transplant team will have a big issue.

Id just like to say thank you to my new followers, new comments and all the support from my friends, family and especially Mum and Stu,

Me on way to Harefield this morning A very good night from a sleepy Kirstie.


  1. Great news Kirstie, glad it went so well.


  2. Ye'll be fine.Mine was 18 years ago,much progress has been made since.x

  3. Hey Kirstie,

    A very long time no see hun. Thinking of you all and fingers crossed for March. Looking forward to reading your next blog.

    Carrie (Jack Meades mum) if you can't remember ask your mum, i am sure she will.


  4. This all sounds very positive and let's hope the 'big event' happens soon and that everything goes well in the meantime. I'm sure your Mum and Stu will be looking after you and giving you more than 100% support too! Lots of Love to you all and always thinking of you (Lin, Dave, Natalie & Stuart) xxxXxxx

  5. so pleased for you! hope march brings you lots of luck :) xx

  6. Hi there, i added CF stuff to my facebook back in November as my baby niece born in October was found to be a sufferer. I just wanna wish you all the best with the transplant - i work in a hospital, im not medically trained, but we see a great many transplant patients in our department for follow up (Dermatology) - so i really believe that when they day comes, you'll get great aftercare.
    I have to admit to not knowing masses about the condition, but my brother and his other half have coped better than anyone expected and im sure they're gonna make fantastic parents - we all love her to bits, as she is my first niece/nephew and the first child ive really had much to do with, i have to admit i love her to bits, and she fascinates me.

    I appreciate the insight your blog offers regarding things, i guess myself ive not thought about regarding the condition.

    Probably not to your liking, but i am also to be found on this here blogspot with match reports and what not from the football, if you are ever bored and fancy a read (its all very non serious and more like just following two hobos travelling round the country than about football) i can be found as one half of this page;

    All the very best to you with how things progress on the transplant side of things, im going to keep checking back on you see how you are getting on.

    Ian/Jerk (nice nickname huh?)

  7. i'll keep my fingers crossed that you get your call hun. you deserve it so much. love you lots x x x

  8. Hi Kirstie,
    Thinking of you - and sending my best wishes.
    Sue S (Exmouth, mother of Ashley aged 13 WCF & EDCF QofL Fund Trustee