Saturday, 31 March 2012


So my Hubby travelled all the way to London for the day and bought the dog with him. I was so happy when I woke Thursday morning and text him to find out when he was setting off for his 3 hour journey, to which he rung me and told me he was about 20minutes away.

I dropped everything and rushed to beautify myself and make sure I looked as pretty as possible as I wanted him to be happy to see me and not forget what a wonderful wife he has while I’m away.

We went for breakfast and I finished off my neb regime, which is now even more ridiculous. 9:00 Pumolzyn Hypertonic, NAC, Atrovent, Salbutamol, Tobi, 14:00 NAC 18:00 NAC 22:00 Pumolzyn Hypertonic, NAC, Atrovent, Salbutamol, Tobi!!!

Then we went for a drive to find Ruislip Lido, I'm getting pretty good at finding my way around London without a SAT nav but I think we ended up in the right place by sheer luck this time as my directions were awful. We walked around the lido, with the pup and chilled in the sun. 1.2 miles around the lido and then we were off back to hospital for my IVs and neb.

We then headed out to lunch, I had a nice Thai chicken curry and most of a massive dessert, rock road covered cookie!! It was huge.

We went for another walk around the lido another 1.2miles and then before we knew it, it was time for Stu to head back. I was so happy to see him but he reminded me that he had Saturday afternoon or and Sunday afternoon and there was a big family get together for his brothers engagement, which I was missing this weekend so I was gutted.

So that evening I walked my friend Neil around the hospital, with his Mum Cath. He was at the hospital for assessment which went really well. I wore a mask the whole time, so I didn’t catch any nasty’s. We used to always mix pre TX which is very naughty of us and I don’t advise it to anyone, but we were always careful when it came to coughing ECT.

The Friday morning bright and early I was taken to the theatre for my third bronch. I warned them my throat was quit damaged and sore, so could they be extra careful this time. I have a large haematoma at the back of my mouth/throat. Off I went to sleep counting down the mils of propafol. I got down to 7mls!!

I woke up this time, no pain, no aches and my 02 being taken off straight away. I knew things were much better. I was wheeled back to the room; my mum was on her way. I decided I needed to get up and dressed and head to get something to eat. A vast improvement each time!!

Once I came Back I got the great news, I was going home that day!!!! My Broch was alot easier to shift and my lung function is up to 87% and 92% roughly another 10% to go but a vast improvement. We waited around for a few things and then hit the long road back to Devon, me chilling in the passenger’s seat with my sunglass’s and shorts. Home to my Husband and Puppy.


  1. Kirst,

    I'm really glad your getting better.

    Do you like knick names, just tell me if you don't, I've made one up for you about 2 months ago, this is what I came up with randomly, here it is, I hope you don't get angry with me. I'm going to tell you it now, Tanzy.

    I hope you get that extra 10% aswell on your lung function, also I hope the dammage your throat gets better.

    All the best wishes

    I hope you enjoy your time

    Harry W

  2. Glad to hear things are better!

  3. Hey, just watched a documentary about you on TV here in Japan. A really touching story, really happy that you got more time with your loved ones. Treasure each day and keep fighting the good fight.

  4. Hello Kirstie! I just watched your documentary. I cried and quickly googled your name for an update! I'm so glad to have found you here! I'd love to share a story of my 2 friends who suffered from CF. If you're interested, I can send you their story. Amazing like you! LOVE and PRAYERS TO YOU! Maria

  5. Hi, kirstie....
    when I read your live story I was feeling sad.
    but I proud of you, coz u can passed your time goodly, although it was very pain. you were patient. wish u all the best... :)