Sunday, 15 April 2012

What Iv been up to

Its been a while since I blogged, so I thought I would come and tell everyone what Iv been up to.

My lungs are on there way back to best. My lung function in CF clinic was 98% 101% the figures are slightly higher on there machine so I'm not quite back best but pretty damn good. I feel pretty good health wise although I still get odd wheezy patches, so I know the fungus is still lurking around, trying to P me off but not succeeding.

I have been getting back to the gym the last week and have to say, I have been pretty miserable without it. I've found motivation hard, but as soon as I got back in there I realised what I was missing and how much better I felt for going. Its a therapy to me. It makes me feel happy. If I'm stressed a good work out does the trick.

I've had problems with magnesium and had to have a infusion for a day, pretty annoying as it was on my day off and I spent the whole six hours in the hospital.

Other things Iv been doing, well I'm getting into doing nails for fun. I like doing funky manicures and nail art. I find it really therapeutic, Its something you kind off switch your brain off to everything else and have to concentrate on the one specific task. Here's a few pic's.

Other than that, Iv been working and had some lovely days off, I went rock climbing with Stu and the twinners, The twinners are SAM and Simon Holmes, there both twins and Simon was Stu's best man at our wedding. We had a great time messing around. We then went to woodbury and I went to the gym while they played golf and then we all met in the swimming pool and did silly things like trying to swim the full length of the pool under water. I was a meter off with a dolphin swim, I can only do a dolphin swim as i need to hold me nose. The boys could all do it on a normal but could barely get half way on a dolphin swim. So I'm going with I won ;-)

Then me and Stu went round to my best friends Julie's and had dinner with her and her partner Sam who Iv also known for years. We had such a good time and ended up staying late and having a drink and getting a taxi back. I think Stu and Sam are going to have a bromance, they get on so well and its scary how similar they are! Julie and Sam have been together a few more months then me and Stu but we haven't done alot as couples together, defiantly something we will do more of!

I also went to a pole Jam last Saturday and then held my own on the Sunday here's a few pics.

Then today me and Julie walked Kia down the beach and in the woods and played around with instagram!! I'm going to see it I can link intagram with my blog like I have twitter, but otherwise theres lots of fun pics of us on there!

There been a few other things going on, things that have made me very sad, My friend Alan who I blogged about before Here passed away. He never made it to America. Alan was a huge support for me when i was being listed and he was going through the same process, unfortunately it never worked out for Alan and he had come to terms with fact that with out one he was going to die. It seems very cruel that it should work out for me and not him. Alan was a great support to many with CF and will be greatly missed.

Also I just want to link you to this blog, another friend of mine, if you read its all self explanatory Ellis.

Iv been stuggling with some other stuff, but things im not ready to share with the everyone, somethings have to be kept private until I am ready.

Well next week I'm only working two days!! The rest I'm having off with my hubby, I'm hoping we get to do lots of fun stuff!


  1. Tanzy,

    You sure have been up to alot of things, having fun.

    Also, I feel really sad and sorry about your friend Alan.

    All the best wishes

    Harry W

  2. love your nails darling!
    and it's really good about your lung function xx

  3. Kirsty I love reading your blog you are such an inspiration. I have two nieces with CF one 11 and one 7 months :( x