Tuesday, 24 April 2012

And you have just been Kirstie'd

So today, day 2 of the charity ball company Attack! Yes me fully armed with my mother went round business's of Exeter trying to sell company's a 'coporate table' basily a table of 10 discounted ot £450. The Key to an interesting business that makes me want to sell you tickets, 1. a intelligent, vibrant and on the ball receptionist 2. A bit of flash your cash, in other word make your company smart pretty its all about presentation 3. I know in the first 5second if your intrested, your tone is crap, your eyes aren't engaged.

These aren't just important for me selling you tickets there also key to why your business isn't doing as well as every one Else's on the road and let everyone know not to go there as other people obviously aren't.

We hit about 20 company's fully armed with the organiser that is my mother, she brought the file of intresting bits of paper, We had ECMO pic, A letter of information on whys, hows, wheres and A ball poster. Then there was me, hitting the facts out, telling the story and engaging where ever I could.

Its hard running a Ball especially in the financial climate, but without the events like this Charity's would be now where.

So here I am trying to sell to you. Do you believe in organ donation? Do you enjoy a good party? Like to dress up? Well what are you waiting for? Its time to buy you ticket now!! You may be thinking its a awful lot of money, but for what you get is it really?

Its going to be an amazing night and will end National Transplant Week. Please support me, support Organ donation. If you've been reading this blog surely you know by know how important it is, if not well I don't think you've been paying attention so I will just have to shout louder!
To buys a Ticket email me on kirstiemills@hotmail.co.uk

Money for tickets need to be in buy the end of May.
Please listen out for me on heart radio tommorrow morning talking about ODR.

I would also like to say if you are a transplant patient in the Exeter area and would like to get involved in the ball or other projects I have going please email me on kirstiet@lltgl.org.uk I am looking to build a strong team to help make the south west count when it comes to ODR.


  1. Tanzy,
    I would love to buy some tickets, but I'm not old anough.

    I also think your doing a very good deed by raising money for the organ donation, you will already know this, but it will help save lots of lives.

    Hope it goes well

    All the best wishes

    Harry W

  2. Good luck! Hope you sell loads of tickets and raise tonnes.