Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Wheezy Painful Lungers

So last week Stu was off and we hit the gym hard, I felt really good for it although started to ache a lot with DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) I also knew my lungs still weren't right and were niggling at me the whole time

Then Saturday I had a training session for the bike ride, I felt really good and set of to meet a couple of others who were taking part. We had a talk through bike safety, comfortable seating positions and went for a little ride along the quay to figure out gears. Here's me with my posh gear.
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I also had the start of my practical for ETM on Saturday that’s 11:30-18:00 of practical work on aerobics lessons, it was a killer. I was going really well to begin with and felt fine, then it came to the last 30minutes and my lung had a huge hissy fit, lots of coughing, extremely tight and I was struggling. I was sitting down coughing and ended up vomiting into my hand, I hope no one noticed as I ran out of the room. I was mortified. No one said anything if they did, but I felt so embarrassed and dreaded walking back in. That night I went home and tried to rest as much as I could. I ate everything in site as we did around about 4-5 hours of aerobics in the end, it was low intensity as we were figuring out our warm ups but do you know that burns around about 2000calories, then we had to teach them to each other which I would say was medium intensity as teaching uses so much more energy as your trying to talk and do it at the same time and you have to be correct on all your moves. So in all I probably burned around about 2500 cal’s!!! That’s huge. I was really hungry as you can imagine.

So Sunday came and as soon as I woke up I knew I wasn't doing well, I got ready and headed to my ETM course, I managed the exam for the warm up but had to finish before the song was finished as I was to breathless, I managed to fit in everything I knew I needed for the exam. Then I said I couldn’t do anymore as I was to breathless, can you imagine that, your at a exercise to music course saying yea I teach fitness pole dancing and I also want to be a fitness instructor teaching studio class's but I’m to breathless to finish a song!!! The thing is I know I’m fit enough to do this! I can do this easily, but something is wrong with my lungs.

We then went through the higher intensity moves, which really wore me out and was a lot of hard work, my joints also started to play up because I was getting a temperature. So we went on break and by the time we came back I had decided I needed to go home, I couldn't even just stay and watch I felt really ill. My lungs were starting to really hurt.

I went home and slept and ate again.

Monday came and I knew I wanted to be heading to Harefield, this didn't happen, to my dismay. Instead I went to Exeter hosp to see my CF team and they did all the necessary test my lung function was back down to 69%, my sat's were 95% from 100% which I know is still perfectly fine but it bugged me. I wanted that 100% mark. My blood test came back normal apart form one slightly odd figure, which could be nothing. But no infection levels, my sputum cultures from before were absolutely normal, they grew nothing. So I didn't even have an infection which we thought I did. I had excruciating pain in my right lung and had an x-ray which did show some shadows in that spot. So my consultant rung Harefield and said I defiantly needed a bronch as He wasn't sure what was wrong and was perfectly capable at firing antibiotics and good knows what but It wouldn't help and he could also bronch me but didn’t have the facilities for the samples. So they agreed to have me up in Thursday for clinic and I’m hoping a bronch on Friday. I’m really not the type to push to go to Harefield, there always spot on but most of the time I would rather stay at Exeter and let them treat me as they know what there doing and I can carry on working. But this time, I think its something else, possibly reflux and I want it sorted ASAP so my shiny aren't damaged and the quicker I get seen at Harefield and sorted the quicker I can put this behind me and teach and do my ETM.

This morning I feel much better and I also know that reflux works in these sudden drops, so its really making me thing it is. I don't feel like I get a lot of reflux anymore although I have a tiny bit recently and I am on all the medication that stop the symptoms, the problem with that is you still get the reflux coming up and spilling in to the lungs which causes damage and inflammation and imflammation is part of my big problem at the mo. If this is the problems then I need an operation on my stomach to stop it. Everyone says it’s a small op, but 6hours to me is quite a big operation and after ward you can't burp so no fizzy drinks otherwise it becomes painful and you can't eat as much either.

So anyway, I will soon know what’s annoying my puffers and well and truly squash it!!!


  1. sorry to hear you are feeling rough. Hope Harefield sort you out. I need Nissen Fundoplication to stop reflux, is this the same as you? No one told me I couldnt drink fizzy drinks though!! I live on full fat cola.. aghhh!

  2. Hi kirstie

    Sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell and hope they get it sorted for you. Just wanted to say my daughter had a full nissen done when she was 6 months old (nearly 5 now) and she actually learnt to burp again, took about a year but she got there and her wrap is ridiculously tight too. So if you head down that route, it doesn't mean the end of fizzy stuff necessarily. I know a few folk who have managed to learn to burp again post nissen :)

    Good luck with the course and the training for the bike ride. I'm certain you'll be back fighting fit again soon.
    Take care x

  3. Kirst,
    I still hope you recover and that your lungs stop playing up.

    I really do apriciate all of that hard work that you have been doing at the gym, I do quite a bit of exersise my self, but not at the gym, on a bike.
    I know everyone likes doing different things.

    Recover well

    All the best wishes

    Harry W

  4. hope things work out soon! feel better lovely lady!

  5. Hope you are feeling great soon.


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