Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bronch Bronch and more Bronchs

Well, I was re- bronched Tuesday and was hoping I would be sent home today. Things have not gone well. The bronch was far less painful; I think I was given some form of opiates. When I came round this time I was far less distressed although very tired and sleepy, but I was tired before my bronch. No throat swelling this time or vomiting, thankfully.

Two hours after I was ready to head out, I needed to see the sun and feel it on m skin. The sun always makes me happier unless I’m not in it.

I briefly saw my consultant in the canteen and she told me 'no wonder you can't cough your sputum up its it like cement' But that was all I heard, so I didn't have a clue what was going on till this morning. I hate not knowing, not knowing if I was going home, when I was going home, would it be Wednesday or would they decide to keep me in.  I had spent all of Tuesday hanging around in a grump not knowing what was going to happen, finally Wednesday came, The consultant came around and instantly I was told my flem was far too thick and they had a real hard time hovering it out of my lungs and despite feeling better for it I would feel rapidly worse if they didn't hover it out again.

I’m now on salbutamol 2-4 times a day atrovent 2-4 times a day NAC 4 times a day Pulmozyn 2times a day, hypertonic 2 times a day and tobi two times a day. Yes hefty Neb regime but I need to clear these lungs. My right side is the side that’s filling up. I’m worried about it now. Will I get rid of this fungus? I’m also on IV antibiotics to keep my pseudo at bay which is apparently still lurking around and yep I’m being re bronched Friday,

I have been so moody this last few days, me and my mum get on each other’s nerves after being together for too long, she’s my best friend but when you have to spend so much time with someone in a confined space than your both bound to get niggly. Today my body is an aching mess, my neck, shoulders and back are hurting. My jar feels like they dislocated it and my throat is a mess. Bronchs may work but they are a painful way about it. I feel the aesthetic is taking a toll on my body. I have propafol the same stuff Michael Jackson was having and I will tell you now, I don't know what he liked about it. Waking up with a hangover is not my idea of fun.

So tomorrow, my wonderful hubby is driving up to see me for the day with our puppy. I’m soooooo happy as I miss them both so much, we both disgusted how we didn't think we had the money with me not working but I think we both decided it was beneficial to us and we needed to see each other, As grump bum syndrome was taking us both over.

I’m very sorry to anyone who has had to put up with my bad moods, but it’s really hard being away from your husband, your other half and not feeling well. There’s nothing you can do but sit around and yes I am worried, I’m worried what this means, whether I’ll get rid of it? Will I be a permanent wheezy mess unable to exercise? I’m going to have to reschedule my EMT(exercise to music) course now as there is no way I’ll be back the weekends and I don’t think I can catch up on that much practical, even If I could make it back, my lungs aren’t going to be up for it. I feel devastated and scared that maybe this won’t work and I won’t get back to my best.


  1. I hate constant anesthetics. They do take it out of you and each one gets harder to get over. So i sympathize there. It must be so frustrating stuck in again, but at least they know what is causing the issue and can work from there.

    Take Care

    1. Thanks Kim, yea im really not looking forward to the next :-/ xxx

  2. You are in the best place where they can sort you out!
    Sounds like you are having a hell of a time of things:(
    Try not to worry about the future before it is here, and make the most of your husband's visit.
    I wish I could wave a magic wand and things would get better for you! Please believe that things will improve soon, despite how you feel now.
    Sending out lots of healing vibes and best wishes to you:)

  3. kirst,
    I really hope you get some rest and that your lungs stop playing up.

    I'm not suprised you get so moody, if I was that unwell, I would feel very depressed and annoyed.

    I hope you don't get annoyed with my message.

    I'm not being nasty in any way.

    All the besy wishes

    I hope you recover

    Harry W

  4. Aspergillus is nasty and because of it my fev1 dropped 20% last summer and caused a nasty cycle of stenosis in my right main bronchial tube. Because of that I have now had 12 bronchs since June 2, last year along with laser and ballooning to reopen my right lung. Many times it has closed off 90% before they can get me in for a bronch. I go next week for a stent along with more laser and balloon. At sometimes it gets so scary when we get our new lungs but once we get fixed up it is amazing at how well we can breathe compared to before tx. Praying for you and hope they can get you taken care of soon!

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