Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Whirl Wind

I though I would just write my errant thoughts down, You know I feel like such a whirl wind at the moment, blink and you'll miss me.

I run around like I'm on fire, My schedule tends to be pretty packed with one thing of another, but if I happen to have a free day I don't just chill out and watch t.v I have this need to bizy myself and fill it. I'm not complaining, I personally find theres nothing wrong with this, but I do wonder where it comes from, my constant need to be moving. To achieve, the drive for life. Its not just been since transplant Ive always been like it. I think before It was the thought that time was running out and that every second had to count, then there was the period of time when I couldn't do anything really but I still tryed to keep bizy with my publicity. Now the fact that I was practically laid up for a year unable to do anything coupled with the fact that I feel the need to prove myself, that I am worthy of this gift, this transplant and finally the superman complex. The feeling that you are super human, because you felt so ill before that now you feel well its amazing, nothing like it and that well if CF couldn't get me then what can?


  1. Kirstie you are simply thanking the powers that be for your 2nd chance and your doing a tremendous of job of it .Having said that Kirstie you also need chill time and you have obviousely been having reflective thoughts having read your article .You do not need to prove anything to anyone because your amazing story of the fight for survival is self evident.You are an inspiration to all Kirstie and I for one love to hear of your next move. You have quite simply grabbed your oppurtunities as they arise and you can and should be proud of yourself for that fact .The Kirstie Mills story continues and may it continue for for many many years to come .I draw inpiration from you Kirstie as I also have a disease which turned my life on its head but I have also found new challenges and look them in the face and say "come on then" lets do it . Continue to inspire Kirstie but remember you have to have Kirstie time also. God bless you Kirstie for your drive and determination.

  2. You are catching up for lost time and you also know that nothing is guaranteed in life - so you are making the most of it out of sheer joy and appreciation of still being here. I wish you the best. Enjoy your life to the fullest - no apologies. Just don't let your health get run down.

  3. Kirstie,I hope you can cope with all of this work you have to do.

    Also,you are a very strong person,you have coped with getting over your transplant and you are still able to keep doing your pole dancing classes.

    Harry W