Monday, 27 February 2012

A few thoughts

Ok so I wanted to write a bit about who I actually am. Some of My views on things.

Internet perception

Well I guess Its really hard to truly understand someone if you have never meet them, to gauge there full personality, the reasoning behind who they are and how they mean things when they say them. I thing sometimes my Internet personality can be taken completely wrong. I am blonde hair blue eyes, I like things that are faminin, make up, hair, nails. What does this equal out to. People thinking I am unintelligent, I am most definitely not. I have alot of view on things, I have alot of Ideas. I don't speak in a unintelligent voice, neither am I posh. The question is do women have to change there image to be taken seriously? Should I cave in to society's demand for intelligent people to be unattractive or uncaring of there image. No. I refuse to, I refuse to get ride of my blonde hair and not add make up to my face. I enjoy taking time and effort in these things. The thing that needs to change is not me, its society's oppressive view, many people will sit there and think that i am wrong that society does not do this to our intelligent or attractive women, but it does if only sub consciously. I read an article today about vajazzaling. Some thing I will never quit understand myself, but each to there own, but the question was can you be a feminist and still vajazzel a d one women said no you can't. As why would any one subject there self to sticking gravel down there pants. But surely if a women found that attractive then by doing it there surely liberating themselves by doing something they want to do, surely going against what you want to do is being oppressed and there for none feminist!

I never claim to be a feminist, I don't stand in the streets screaming women's rights, but my very feminist friend said yes I was as i am an independent female, meaning I run my own business, I do not rely on my husband and I do very much believe women are in fact equals. I guess I'm just not a extremist.

Also another perception I wanted to talk about Is that of Pole Dancers. Now If been very forgiving with he words I have used as so are others. People think I am a pole dancer and I guess I am if you think of it in the sense of yes I dance on a pole, but when people say this they don't mean it in the way I mean it. The mean I am a stripper, or pole dancing instructor which means I teach stripping and I am neither. I am a Fitness Pole Dancing instructor. They are very different things. I have or will never take my clothes off for money, If people want to that is up to them, but it interests me in absolutely no way what so ever. I use Pole dancing in a artistic, gymnastic, acrobatic, performance, dance. I in no way shimmy or shake, I string long sequences of gravity defying moves together in a perfectly seamless dance. I have muscles that these unintelligible people could never dream of or in fact know exist.

One person even had the cheek to say 'So, she knew she was living on borrowed time and chose to do something as meaningless as a pole dance instructor with her life? I'd do something more worthwhile than work with strippers ' Here was my response

What a constructive comment. How ignorant of you, let along presumptuous and rude. How dare you judge me, a judgement that is indeed completely incorrect. I in no way teach strippers. I am a fitness pole dancing instructor, qualified and insured. Fitness pole dancing is a art form to be compared to gymnastics and the aerial arts. It requires huge skill and unbelievable muscle tone. I have muscles in places you knew never existed. I not only teach fitness pole dancing, but i am studying my exercise to music course to teach other fitness class's, i run a great deal of campaigns in England for organ donation with Live Life Then Give Life charity as an advocate for them. I also run fund raising events and many media stunts. I believe I have lived my life to the fullest and have done things you will never be able to comprehend at the age of only 22. When I meet my maker there will be no question of whether my life has been meaningful. I know I have saved 1000 if not millions of lives with my campaigning. What have you done that's so great, that leads you to look down your nose with your preconceived ideas?
This morning I woke up knowing I have made a difference, Surely you must be amazing your self to make such a statement? No?

I know this reply could come across as arrogant, but I do know that 1000 of people have signed up after reading or watching my story, so I guess I'm going to go with correct rather than arrogant. Part of me has almost stopped caring what people think, but I am a people pleaser, I have a part of me that has to be liked by people, more in the way of I don't like people misconstruing who I am and the things I say, but a few criticisms that seem to be based on the same idea have had me thinking do I actually care anymore. Perhaps I am not meant to be liked, but I am still making a difference and that is all that matters. Sometime the people who change the world for the better weren't always the first in the popularity contest?

So what am I trying to say? I guess the overall message is I am not thick and I'm not a stripper and yes I do like to be liked but if I'm not well tough.



  1. So what if you were a stripper what people choose to do with their life is there own choice and no one should judge anyone on this!!

  2. well done and u inspire me with all the good work that you have done and don't let any of those bad comments get to you I sure you're a lovely person hug and kisses from me to you

  3. You have done well and you should continue to do well, doing the things you enjoy!Share with the world the joy you find in your new life.
    You can please some of the people, some of the time. But never all the people all the time.
    Don't you worry about any comments by ignorant people.Some people are just sad, fact of life!!

  4. Hello Kristie, I am Endoh from Indonesia. I know your name and your struggle to survive from

    I can't wait to see your documentary film

  5. My name is Steve Amburn. My wife Debbie and I live in Burleson, Texas USA. Debbie's daughter, my step-daughter, Cara Young, was also born with CF. She won her battle and was called home to be with her Lord and Saviour 4 years ago last month. Cara was on the lung transplant list , had a set become available, and, like your first set, would not fit her body. Before another set was available, her health failed and she went home to be with God.
    We have started a benefit event in which all proceeds go to Cook Children's Medical Center here in our area (this year will be our third year) This is just a small way to pay back to the hospital where Cara received such loving care in her many visits during her short 23 years of life.
    Our thoughts and prayers to you for good health and many years of happiness in your new marriage.

    May God bless you ...


    Steve Amburn

  6. You are an inspiration! I am so glad that you got your new lungs. Keeping you and your husband in my prayers. My great-niece was diagnosed with CF 18 months ago on Christmas eve. She is doing well right now.

  7. Go Kirsty! No-one needs to tell you that the people who made those comments are mindeless idiots - you know that already, just make sure you never let them get to you, I'm sure you wont :) x

  8. Most people know how clever and strong you are Kirstie.
    I think that people may perceive you as a bit dumb over the internet because your spelling isn't that great, but that's all on the surface.
    It's a bit narrowminded to associate pole with nothing but stripping, but it's the way the media portrays it. Some people never look past the seedy image of a dimly lit club on an episode of Cracker!
    You know who YOU are, and that's what counts.

  9. Not arrogant at all. If anything, the people making those stupid remarks are arrogant. I have CF and am approaching transplant stage (scared shitless, haha) and I REALLY admire your strength. Keep up the good fight! :)

  10. Kirstie,
    I've been following your blog for quite some time now and have enjoyed reading each post. Was so happy for you when you received your new lungs and '2nd chance @ life". Like the others have said and I repeat, don't pay any attention to those ignorant imbeciles who say such stupid things. I know it's hard sometimes though.
    I thought of you this past Saturday when a major network (CBS) morning show had a Cirque De Soleil performer doing a Pole Dance routine choreographed to beautiful music and I was in awe of the strength and agility it must require to do that. Certainly a thing of beauty. Cirque's performance is called "Jungle Challenge" and they're traveling worldwide. Perhaps you can find it on You Tube.
    Continue to do whatever your heart tells you and use the talents that you've been given.

    Wishing you the best always,


  11. kirstie,

    What I truly, honestly think of you is, that you aren't unintelligent at all, because you know how to teach people fitness pole dancing and you very good with words.

    You put a lot of time into your blogs and if I ever met you I would enjoy your company alot, you would make a great friend.

    I hope you cheer up

    Harry W

  12. I think if you learnt to spell properly them maybe people wouldn't think you are unintelligent, blogger has a spell checker you know?!

    1. Did you not proof read your comment before posting it? I believe you meant to write 'Then maybe people wouldn't', correct? I would probably suggest placing the word 'an' before unintelligent next time too. You just look a little bit of a hypocrite now my dear. Oh well, the life of a tosser must be hard, so we'll give you mitigating circumstances.

    2. My mistake, I read the unintelligent part incorrectly. You are, however, still a tosser.

    3. If you have nothing nice to say dont say anything at all. in fact dont bother to read my blog. Im trying to share my story to help and encourage people. yes my spelling isn't the best i am well aware of that and yes i do spell check but apparently the spell check on here isnt that fantastic.

    4. Wow Anonymous, who's the tosser? You. If you don't like someones blog, click the back button or the exit button and get off it. Who the hell are you to talk to someone like that.

      Kirstie, you are by no means a tosser. You are beautiful and inspiring and brave. Someone out there will always have a negative comment for someone who is better than them, just to try to make themselves feel better about what a tosspot their life is.

    5. Angie, my tosser comment was at the person who picked on her spelling that's why I corrected their mistake. It was in NO WAY aimed at Kirstie! I've read her blog for many months and think she's amazing. That is why I felt the spelling comment was wrong, which is why I replied to them. It should of came up with my name, Lucy, not anonymous. I don't know why it did that. Again, it was NOT at Kirstie, I was calling the person who commented on her spelling a tosser!

    6. Angie, my tosser comment was at the person who picked on her spelling that's why I corrected their mistake. It was in NO WAY aimed at Kirstie! I've read her blog for many months and think she's amazing. That is why I felt the spelling comment was wrong, which is why I replied to them. It should of came up with my name, Lucy, not anonymous. I don't know why it did that. Again, it was NOT at Kirstie, I was calling the person who commented on her spelling a tosser!

    7. Sorry, I thought you were replying to your own comment because it still says anonymous. Accept my apologies. :)

  13. I agree with everything except when you implied that intelligent people are seen to be unnatractive and uncaring are you not labelling people too ??? I am a fairly well qualified and educated person who does take pride in my appearance and works in a health care environment I don't like people labelling me as being unatractive and uncaring either. What I'm trying to say is the unfairness of being labelled works both ways. I also agree you can't please all the people all of the time so don't even try

    1. If you read my blog properly you will actually realise that what im trying to say is people who are intelligiant arn't either but it is a perception people have. People are what ever they want to be. im talking about perceptions.

  14. Dear Kristie,

    I wish there were a filter to weed out comments made by selfish/judgmental/jealous people. Sadly, it hasn't been invented yet. If it had, I would send it to you along with a hug and my best wishes. Please don't let the words of people who are obviously bitter and unhappy hurt you. You are a beautiful young woman who's been given the gift of a longer life. It's obviously you live with joy and love, and that you are yourself...not trying to be anyone you're not, and not trying to hurt anyone. I hope you wake up in the morning happy to be alive and making a difference, and go to sleep feeling sorry for those people who have nothing better to do than hurt people and are so ignorant and disrespectful that they can't hold their tongues. The point of life is to live it...whether it's messy, imperfect, backwards, or just not what you had planned. Live it and don't worry about what anyone else thinks, says, or does. At the end, it's not important. What is important is that you live in a way that makes you happy and that you respect yourself. Your time is precious; use it wisely and where it will make a difference. Some people are just not worth the time love, and nothing you say will make them better or different. Forgive them and move on. Put your time to better use. Go smile that gorgeous smile, spend your days laughing, and focus on positive things.

    With love,


  15. Kirstie,
    My daughter, Devon, also has CF. We watched your transplant show tonight. Amazing. You are an amazing and beautiful person. Thank you, and Stu and your family and friends, for sharing your life story.

  16. Hello!! I just got done watching your show as yell. I am 26 with cf and could not wait to watch your show. You are such an inspiration for me and thank you for sharing your story. You give me hope!!
    Alicia (Dallas, TX)

  17. Good for you Kirstie. You've clearly touched people around the world and of all backgrounds (I am an attorney on California). Stu is a lucky and great guy. You are both a model for us all. There will always be detractors and jerks. Don't be wavered by these nuts who, for some unknown reason, like to attack you. They are the sick ones. We are all with you. PS, I tend to care too much about how others feel about me, so I know how that feels. We'll just keep along with all the other good people out there. Stu, you're awesome.


    1. ...see, I even had a spelling error in my post. Oh well. ;).

      (I'm "in", not "on", California.)

  18. Dear Kirstie,

    I am a new fan of your story. I wached part of your story last night on TLC. It came on late and I fell asleep. I decided to look you up and I came upon your blog. I am sooo happy you are doing well. I was rooting for a doner in your behalf. I cryed when I thoght you might not make it to your wedding. But you were so persitant on not missing your big day.
    I have a comment on how you feel about your doner and their family. The way I look at it even though their loved one didnt make it. He/She is living in you. That is enough to give them a new perspecive. You are so young and full of life. I am belive that they would be blessed knowing God gave you a second chance through your beloved doner!

    I am 27 and I am a wife to a wonderful 24 year old and we have 3 amazing children who will be 5, 3, and 1 this year. We are all helthy and doing well. I am a stay at home proud mom. I think about what if one of my kids sufferd from a illness like yours and it would break my heart. But because of your story and the struggles you faced I know what God bring my way I can handdle. You are an insperation to meny even those like myselfe.
    Thanks for sharing your story!
    yours truly,
    Helen form California

  19. Sing it sister!!! It only briefly crossed my mind that you might be an exotic dancer because I was not familiar with the art of pole dancing itself. But I am very impressed with your strength and skill. I am waiting on a transplant and would like to be a fitness girl post tx, but I don't really have a very physical background. You are my new inspiration.

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