Sunday, 1 January 2012

PLans for the new year!

Iv been thinking alot recently about where I'm going in life now I have new lungs. So I thought id tell you my plans for the new year.

Go on a proper Honey Moon with Stu, were thinking the Elysium where we were originally going to get married. That also means I'll cross it off my lungs task list, Yay.

Breed my little puppster and have a house full of pups, very excited for this, now just need to find a make cavapoo with champaign colouring for the most gorgeous pups ever.

Create a website for my pole dancing lesson. I'm already on this, Iv organised a photo shoot.

Sell my clothing on line and also create clothing for other pole company's. On it.

Do some work experience with RD&E with there PR team and some behind the camera work experience.

Learn Aerial Hoop, its a must for this year and I'm very excited about it, hoping to do some in January.

Get fitter! Must build up leg muscle for cycle ride.

Cycle once a week with Stuart, to build up leg muscle for cycle ride.

Fine tune my pole technique and perfect the 3 moves I lost from being so ill, but now have regained but just arnt quite there yet.

Run my two charity event successfully and raise lots of money.

sign up more people to the organ donor register.

Talk in schools/colleges/unis about Organ Donation.

Carry on being organised.

Just be successful at life.

So there are a few of my goals for the new year. Hope you all had a great time.

I went for a meal with Stu and the just chilled out as we were at a wedding in London the previous night and weren't quite up for another party, but it was lovely spending some alone time with my hubby.

New years




  1. kirsty i hope you have a great time on your honey moon and i also, hope you regain your strength and many more things.

  2. Just thought i'd let you know you look fantastic in those photos! Love the first dress :) Also inspiring list for 2012, I have no doubt you'll achieve them!

  3. You are looking so well keep it up....and many thanks for keeping Georgina up to speed have inspired her ....have an amaizing new year lots of love xxxxx

  4. its great hearing that your doin so well :) gives me the courage and drive i need to go thru with my lung transplant

    nicola xx

  5. It all sounds wonderful,you deserve happiness and good health and it looks like you are going to use your time well, good luck and God Bless,

  6. Hey,

    Just saw you on tele here in Belgium...Damn,you scared me girl...You're just fantastic ! No words for ! Whishing you all the best and a long,healthy futher life ! lots of love from Belgium xxx

  7. you look absolutely fabulous! you're a beautiful young woman!!