Monday, 2 January 2012

3 years together

Well it has been 3years since me and my Husband made our relationship official.

So I am going to reminisce over our relationship and how we got together. It was sometime earlier November; I had finished work at a call centre I was temping at. I was 19 and dressed in trousers and a jumper, with short pixie ish hair and turquoise green eye make up. Me and my friend had meet up after I had finished work and went to the ozzy bar to meet a load of guys she had worked with (she fancied one of them at the time) We all had a laugh and got extremely drunk, I wasn't ment to be staying out but, well I did. Me and Stu shared a drunken snog, but I don't think either of use thought much of it at the time. It was all part of the Monday madness (not that I do around kissing random guys id just meet) There was something about Stu I liked, he was cheeky, silly and to be honest I didn't really take him that seriously.

We carried on the tradition of Monday madness and became good friends over face book, I never shed away from telling him about my CF, It was part of me and IV never been shy about anything.
As we chatted away, I began to thing; I might actually like this guy.

The I was out with some other friends and saw him looking rather nice and something just changed in my head, like a light bulb went off, I continued to conveniently turn up where ever he was in the club, some might call it stalking but hey it worked. Well sort of, we danced the night away and I flirted with him all night, but did he kiss me...............................................................No gutted. I couldn't believe it.

The next day chatting away on facebook and as I said im not shy, so I asked him why he didn't kiss me. Apparently he was oblivious to the fact. Silly boy. Well he asked if he would get another chance and I said only if he took me out on a date that night.

He did, after hours of talking about his self and watching twilight, I went to leave, he still hadn't kissed me and as un shy as I was, I wasn't going to kiss him first. I went to get out of the car knowing if he let me walk out that would be it and his chance would be lost forever. 'Aren’t you forgetting something' that was our first real kiss.

It was drawing close to Christmas and we spent most of the time together, both denying that we wanted a relationship.

Then it came to New Years Eve, I had built it up in my head, he was going to ask me out when the clock struck 12 and he actually was. But instead I’m pretty sure my drink was spiked and he ended up carrying me home, the next day he asked me if we wanted to make our relationship official while both lying very hung over in bed.

That was that, our relationship seemed to come out of partying, drunkenness, fun and laughter, our relationship is still full fun and laughter. Every second with Stuart is full of jokes and smiles.
I always needed someone with a sense of humour and I found him, my rock.

I defently wouldn't have guessed we’d be together 3 years later, it was becoming a running joke with my mum that I got to the year point and would bolt :-/ so when we went straight past it, I think I knew it was forever


  1. This is such a lovely post to read! Congrats on 3 years x

  2. This is a very nice blog to read, i hope you stay positive.

  3. Mark V from Denmark3 January 2012 at 14:25

    I just saw your documentary broadcasted here on Danish television. A real eye-opener, and so glad it worked out in the end. Hope you have a long and lovely life.

    I'm on the donor list.

  4. A really inspiring modern day romance.....beautiful,

  5. Goodness me just spotted you on the home page of the Daily Mail. Nice article. You charging for auographs yet :-) x

  6. Hi Kirstie, I live in America and I just now watched the documentary about you. I have a friend, Meg, who has CF, as well as another who recently died, Eva. They were also on a documentary called 65 red roses. I'm so happy for you that you have your life and your family seems so fantastic. Eva lived in Canada, and it's interesting to see how freaking hard it is to get a transplant. I've been amazed at how few people are donors. It makes me so proud to be able to give my organs to life when I can no longer use them in my (hopefully) older age. I appreciate how you talked to openly in the film and it was really inspiring. I might even try that pole dancing, as I've seen we have classes here haha. Anyways, I hope you and your wonderful husband are doing well. I live in Oregon, so our weather is similar :) But I hope you don't have too much rain like us! Much love,

  7. After watching your documentary I was really astonished by the way you fought back! I wish you and your husband all the best and a happy life together!

  8. You are a superwomen!!! Lots of love xxx

  9. hey Mrs Tancock,

    just saw your documentory on Belgian TV, "Telefacts" : you impress me, and everyone...i am active involved in oncology and spine, but what i saw here, your drive ,and courage: you are extrordinary!! Have a wonderful life, and i am sure Stuart helps you in this. you are a wonderful couple. Be happy.

    Johan (Belgium)

  10. Hi Kristie and Stuart,

    We just saw the documentary on the Belgian television.
    We were so happy with the outcome, it was really close and hopefully you will have a great life together!

    Eric & Pascale

  11. you are truly inspirational, i hope this will encourage more people to sign up to the organ donor register as it did me

  12. oh how i love hearing stories of how lovebirds started out :D i also met the love my life in a bar and we joke that when we can marry (health insurance woes), we will have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party at the bar in which we met!

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