Wednesday, 25 January 2012

My rememberance note to debs x

11 year since your gone, I can still see you face in my mind perfectly. The way you smiled and the whole room smiled with you. I was only 10 and you just 16, I looked up to you, my inspiration in life. Everything I do is because you inspired me. When my mum told me you were going to go on the lung transplant list I knew it was sirious stuff. I cryed and cryed into my mums arms. devistated that things had got that bad. WHen you recieved that call i didn't know what to think. But knowing that you left us on the 27th of january 2001 My heart broke, it never truely recovered I can tell you that. I just sat there at first and all i would think was while i went swimming that morning with my firends you died.

I wonder what would have happend had your transplant had worked, what would you be doing now, artist, poetry writer, novelist maybe. You had a beautiful way of stringing those words together. I can't help think If you were still alive you would be 27, my husbands 27 you know.

The woodrow holiday sites been adding lots of pictures of you, I love the ones of you smilling and running around admitidly there are few. I hope your running around breathing easy now.

You know im so glad you were there for me when i was on ecmo. I know you were spurring me on and you got me through cos id had enough. But you knew that anyway.

I don't know what else to say debs, I wish you would have been here thats all, I know you woud have guided me through all this, prepared me, when I was little prepared.

Love always, thank you for making such an impact of my life. A shining star in the blackest of nights.



  1. Charlotte Cookson25 January 2012 at 15:15

    Beautiful. xox

  2. We where so lucky to have known her, never a day passes that I don't think of her, She changed my whole out look on life, for that I will forever be in her debt. Live each day to the full and enjoy, it's simple really. X Jeremy

    1. A beautiful sentiment Kirsty. Try not to be too down. I think Debs would not want you to be so upset when you should be celebrating being alive. If you carry on as you have begun with supporting organ donation and with these great talks you will leave behind you a wonderful testament(round about your 110th birthday)to your life, organ donation and your friend Debs,Go Kirsty xxx

  3. I hope you remember that great friend you had,I also hope you keep well and positive.

    Harry W