Thursday, 19 January 2012

Honiton Community College ODR talk

Last Saturday I attended the speakers training with LLTGL session and it really helped me. I only realised how much when I came to do 2 talks yesterday to Honiton Community College 6form students. They sat and listened patiently as I went thought my ordeal and at the end bombarded me with lots of questions, which was great as it showed me they were interested. The questions were so varied some wanted to know things from a organ donation point of view then there were the scientific, cf and transplant related questions and the purely social and curiosity questions.

The younger 6forms were more curious on the whole. I guess youth are always more inquisitive.
My old science teacher who were there as head of teacher said how knowledgeable I was in a scientific sense but breaking down the information so it was easy for everyone to understand, this made me feel very happy. They also said that the students had said it was one of the most interesting and best talks they had had and that they felt I was better then most of the professional speaker they had had. I’m hoping to continue doing talks through to the rest of the school and im really looking forward to it.

I’m also hoping to get in touch with Exeter College and Exeter university and talk to there students.
Health wise im much better and I escaped clinic with no bronch yay. I have carried on the high intensity nebbing regime for now, but when I feel im al little bit more settled ill drop to one pulmozyne a day and leave the salbutamol nebs. But im being extra wary 2 infections in the space of 2months is not good and I need to preserve these lungs. Im hoping this is just the first year being the hardest like everyone says and it will all settle down. Don't get me wrong tho this is still amazing and im enjoying life every second I just don't want the constant threat of pseudomonas on my lungs.

Other things I have been teaching lots and I'm looking forward to a weekend away in london staying at a hotel and seeing Jersey Boys with Stuart. Second hotel weekend away for us since TX so looking forward to it. Were also going to go oxford street and hopfully go to a museum.


  1. Well done Kirstie it is not easy stepping up to the plate in that manner especially 6th formers it would appear that you did an excellent job.I am pleased you are doing well and congratulations on your achievement.To make people aware of situations such as your own is a skill in itself.

  2. Kirstie I wish yuo the best for your speeches and also hope that you don't get any more infections.

  3. All the best, in your future speeches and of course your health. You are a big inspiration to me and to many people I know! Thank you :)

  4. Kirstie,
    Glad you're better healthwise and escaped clinic and bronch. Enjoy your weekend away to London with Stuart and Jersey Boys. Saw it in Las Vegas early December and it was GREAT!! Had to buy the CD afterward. Good music then and now. Have lots and lots of fun!!!


  5. All the awareness you're raising is just so amazing! Hope you have a fab time in London and I hope the water is all gone down Oxford Street! xx