Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The other side of Me - Extreme Control Pole

Ok so I'm doing a bit of shameless self promoting here. If you live near exeter then this might interest you. I teach in honiton. Private Fitness pole dancing lessons, in the comfort of my home studio area. I have a Pole with 2 large mirrors. I am the cheapest Instructor around because when I was learning affordability was the biggest issue, I had the skill and muscle but lacked the finances. So when creating my lessons, not only did i want them to suit my students individually but suit there affordability.

One on one £20

2ppl £12 each

3ppl £10 each

Or the January offer to help you get back to fitness and burn off the turkey belly £8 each for a lesson of 3 ppl. This offer lasts until the end of January and you can have as many lessons as you want in that time.

If your an existing student then don't worry you won't miss out on a January Offer, for every class you introduce then you get £10 off a lesson, you can only use £10 off a class a time.

My class's will tone your core strength, upper body mostly but can provide an all over body work out and a great cardiovascular work out.

Pole dancing is done in bare feet and fitness clothing. I also sell a great range of fitness pole dancing clothing.

Please email me on for pole dancing only and add yourself to this group

Thanks guys


  1. kirstie your blogs are always positive and cheerful, since you have been through a lot of things

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