Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

This time last year, I was Ill, I was always ill actually and I had had enough, it was Christmas that i decided i couldn't live like that anymore and on the 29th I asked to be referred for transplant finally. I knew the pretending was over, my life was slipping away and something had to be done.

I never thought I would make this Christmas, my first Christmas with my husband. But here I am. Stronger than ever living life to the full.

I have spoilt my niece Kaylee, nephews Charlie and Reece. I spoint Stuart, My Mum and My Nanny. In fact everyone. But the most important thing, i probably enjoyed it more than receiving my presents, although I did enjoy that to. I felt sad when the presents had been all given. I baked biscuits as presents and made cupcakes for Christmas day. It turns out im pretty good at this baking milarky and I really enjoy it, Iv been baking & cooking alot since my transplant, i now have the strength to stand long enough, in fact just have teh energy to even concentrate, where as before I couldn't even sit in the kitchen and bake as it exhausted me. For me no present could beat the two amazing gifts iv received this year, the promise of life with the man I love and gift of life to spend my life with him, that was obviously the most precious thing I could ever receive.

As I write this i think mostly of the amazing person who gave me the gift of life, my donor and there family. This is there first Christmas without there loved one, I can't imagine there pain, but wish my angel the most beautiful first Christmas in heaven and there family some peace front there grief. So please thing of all the other donors out there and there first Christmas in heaven and there family's left behind.

Also could you take a minute to think about Rachael Wakefield, a true angel in the sky and also Marjolein Van and all the other Angels we lost this year.

Another Christmas thought, for all my friends who are also celebrating there first Christmas with new lungs, Jennifer wederell, Angharad van der walt, Chantelle Hughes, Sophie Gannon, Charlotte Davies, Victoria Tremlett and Katie llyod, Sharee McPhail, Salley Russel. Lots of new additions to the new lungs club, Its been a good year for transplant, sorry to those missed out.

My final thought is for my amazing cfers who are struggling this year, Kim kneil, also married this year but waiting to be listed for transplant, Kerry Alex Thorpe, engaged to her lovely fiance, hoping to get married with shiney new lungs, Alan crowther with out your help Alan might not be here next year, but a transplant in this country is out of the question pls donate here and finally Jess Brenwood whos spending christmas in hospital also hoping for new lungs. Also think about all the other people out there this Christmas who without a life saving transplant won't be here next year. Iv always said out of me and all my friends statistically half of us would die on the transplant list, great fully I haven't had to say goodbye to many of my waiting friends.

So please although, my story has a happy ending, don't forget those who won't, we still have a huge shortage in organ donors, So if you feel like giving the greatest gift and change someones Christmas one day, sign the organ donor register

Merry Christmas

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  1. Hey, fellow cf'ere here - i probably should have asked permission first so apologies for that but i wanted to let you know that i just sent your blog link on my fb and asked people to at least consider organ donation. Everything you are doing to convince people and raising awareness of both cf and organ donation is amazing!! keep up the awesome work and i hope both you and Stuart are stupidly happy!! i watched bbc3 with me wife to be, and i actually cried when i saw you on Russell Howard so you really are an amazing person. I genuinely wish you all the luck in the world and can't wait to see you kicking ass again :-D