Friday, 2 December 2011

I cant seem to reply to my comments but heres my reply.

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for all your comments, everyone who said they have signed up to the organ donor register, Its extremely encourageing that the documentary has made such an impact.

To the person who said 'lets not forget about the donor family in all this' please be assured I have never for a second forgotten about my donor or there family, I think of them every single day. I have also brought a bear to hang on my Christmas tree in the honor, a small thing, but I'm afraid its all i can do, believe me I have grieved for my donor and continue to do so. If there life could have been saved over mine I would choose that every day but they were already gone, but there gift lives on and I continue to live everyday to the up most full.

I also ask everyone to take a thought for my donor and there family especially this Christmas, this is an amazing Christmas for me, but for a family out there its the first without there loved one. So please take a minute to think of the brave family that allowed me to have this gift.

I have received amazing reception from the documentary, all completely positive. Lots of people saying they are now signed up of going to do so.

If you haven't done so yet here's the link Organ donor register

Iv also been holding organ donation stalls int he run up to Christmas, Iv done 2 so far and signed a total of 113 people, my next is tomorrows. Wish me luck.


  1. I am a secondary science teacher and I have just covered CF with my Yr 10 classes. I was about to start transplantation when I saw the tv programme. I was so moved that I showed your story to my classes. My students were also moved and inspired by your story. They asked many more questions about cf than they would have done had I just spoken to them about the condition. Very best wishes for the future

  2. You are a brave inspirational young woman may you mature and grow and have a fantastic life xxxxxx

  3. It is so great to hear that you have managed to sign up so many people at your stalls:)
    So often when we campaign for donor awareness it is hard to gauge how many people act on their feelings and sign the register after hearing transplant stories.
    I wish you all the best for your future sign up days and hope that many more people will carry a donor card for Christmas.
    I would like to add my congratulations on the documentary and best wishes for a great Christmas for you and stu and a new year filled with new life experiences.

  4. I've just caught the documentary on iplayer. While I had almost already done the journey in real time with you waiting so much for updates, I still cried a lot watching it. Thank you so much for sharing it, and thank you for all the work and raising awareness you have done. I hope that it means when my friend has to make the transplant journey it will be a little easier for me because of the experiences you have shared. It amazes me to see you so healthy now, when you were so ill before. Keep fighting and keep living your life-you deserve it.

  5. You make a excellent ambassador for the donor registry. Who couldn't be moved and see the sense of signing up straight away. Wishing good luck and good health to you and keep it going...

  6. I have just watched the documentary and just wanted to say what an amazing and positive person you are. The love between you and your husband moved me to tears. Great to see what a support network you have around you, but also te support you give to your family.

    I wish you all the best.


  7. Tried contacting you via Facebook but was unsuccessful I think. Watched your documentary was good to see your sense of humour and was very upsetting at times but had a happy conclusion made me feel tearful and happy.

    I've also signed up to be a donor made a lot of sense after watching and learning about your story and the urgency about helping others. Take care and although you don't know us, we are very proud of you.
    Patrick at The VIOPON Group Ltd.

  8. Watched your Documentary on iPlayer, and speaking as a complete stranger i can only say how proud and happy i am your life was saved with the help of a donor.
    What an inspirational and beautiful young woman you are and what a great husband you have in Stuart, i hope you both have a long and happy life together.

  9. I'm really happy to see your operation went well, wishing you and your family a happy future :)

  10. Hi Kirstie. I have followed your story for a while through LLTGL and your blog. I just watched the documentary, and it was amazing. Even though I knew you got your lungs I was in floods of tears. You, Stuart and your family are so strong and so brave - truly awe inspiring. Thoughts are of course also with your donors family. I have been on the organ donor register for as long as I can remember - and this just goes to prove why. I know know that, should anything ever happen to me, something so wonderful can come from it. I wish you and Stuart every happiness in your marriage and lives together x

  11. Hi Kirstie,
    First, I should say tham I'm brazilian, so, I already ask for your apologizes about my bad english.
    Your history is so fantastic. And I say that because of you! You decided do continue live. God blessed you giving you husband e you accepted him. I have a similar desease and sometimes I feel pity of my husband. I feel bad about him, because he has to live with someone that is not completly healthy. I feel pity about my mom too. Because she is all the time worry about me, worry about my house's cleaning, about my dog's cleaning, about my medicines... But you, you chose live happy. In your wedding photographs you were smilling!!! You are so strong...
    I wanted to talk more with you. I wanted to know your treatment... My doctor (pneumologist) lives in other state then mine. He lives in Rio de Janeiro (I live in EspĂ­rito Santo). He is the best in this medicine's areas of Brazil (I think), but, maybe, I could use something about your things to care about your respiratory system. My "problem" is Kartagener Syndrome. It is bad to my lung... I know you've got a new lung, and you are ok now. But before that I'm sure you used to nebulization, used flutter, this kind of things that I'm talknig about.
    I Wish very very healthy for you, very happy, strong and everything that is good =)

    A big kiss ;*
    My email:

  12. Well I've just finished watching the show. I've laughed,cried and smiled so much. You are so brave to let the camera crews into your life like that. I've followed this blog since you appeared on Russell Howard and I feel like I know you even tho we've never met. I'm so pleased it's working out for you after the years of pain. X