Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bronchoscopies, fungus and home sick

Today in harefield hospital I had my bronch, a camera was put down into my lungs under a GA they were washed and for the first time ever a biopsy was taken. The biopsy is checking for signs of aspiration (reflux meaning I need the fundo op) chronic rejection, acute rejection and antibodies rejection (I have developed donor specific antibodies).
Waking up form my bronch coughing spluttering, feeling like I was suffocating. Mouth fulls of flem were suddenly flying out my mouth, all I could think was I thought they were suppose to wash this crap out and I'm pretty sure none of this was in there before! I was still coming round but trying to sit up, the GA wouldn't allow me to by body was limp. They sat me up I was panicking, I had a 02 mask on and they just kept reassuring me I was ok and my sats were ok. After bring up loads of flem I was taken Into recovery. Then moved on to the ward. The rest of the day I spent in and out of sleep.
The doctors came round and told me they were pretty sure I had a fungus again Last time I had a fungus this time it was all In my right lung again, that although my ct didn't show a collapse all my lower airways were collapsed due to the amount of thick flem blocking them. So I'm now on caspafungin iv (spelling?) I don't know if I will undergo repeated bronchs again like last time but fingers crossed this drug clears it all up. I am on voriconozole permanently since my last fungal infection but in clinic last my level had dropped even though my dose had not changed so now there waiting for my level to go back up and hopefully this should all clear up.
My lung function yesterday was 72% so still on the up but a long way to go to 97%, I couldn't do it today due to the biopsy. Also since being In here and eating all the wrong foods and being fairly sedentary compared to my usually routine of work for 6 hours gym for 1 1/2 then teach for 3, some how traveling from work to the gym to home and eating in-between this all. My blood sugars have had a hissy fit. My body also doesn't agree with GA s so hopefully after a few days my sugars will start to get better.
For now I'm hoping to go home over the weekend. I'm missing my little ball of fluff (Kia) and my hubby. I can't wait to have a day with them Sunday. So fingers crossed!
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  1. Hope you get home soon Kirstie and everything starts to level out again for you coco

  2. Thinking of you Kirstie, wish I could help,get home soon,xx

  3. Broncs are vile even without all that afterwards! On the plus side at least now they know what the problem is they can treat it and get you back fighting fit! Hope you have a speedy recovery.x

  4. Sending you healing wishes from California


  5. Sending you mending vibes from Georgia and have fingers crossed you get your wish about being home for the weekend.

  6. Hope those fungi get sent packing, Enjoy the weekend back home.


  7. Espero que tengas una pronta recuperación y que vuelvas lo antes posible a tu casa. Desde cordoba- Argentina hay alguien que reza por ti y te sigue día a día, desea dote lo mejor.

  8. I'm under Dr Carby at Harefield. The whole transplant team are really great and as you know your in good hands. Hopefully you will be back home soon.

  9. I m sending my positive vibes and prayers for you, Kristie. Hope u can go home soon. xx

  10. también rezo por ti y tu familia. brettings kristie, keep it up :)
    Nadia R. Lima, Peru

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