Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines day in bed

Well I wish it was that sort of in bed ;-) but no. On Sunday I had an awful virus and since my lungs have continually got worse. Tuesday I decided to ring up and get the ball rolling on IV antibiotics. Like I said in my last post my lungs haven't quite been up to par recently any way. So I started Ivs yesterday. Colomycin and tobramycin two drugs that preferably should not be had together as they are both harsh on the kidneys. My lung function is down a fair bit form 97% to 70% although 70% isn't a bad lung function, it is a huge drop and my lungs feel riddled with infection, my breathing has just got worse and worse, I'm wheezy, breathless, in a fair bit of pain and exhausted (the Ivs have contributed to making me even more so) This morning I couldn't face going In to next for my shift and I know I can't tomorrow either.

I know this is just a blip, like the many others and I will overcome it. I can't help feeling like pseudomonas is out to get me again and I wonder why I'm not able to get rid of it like other transplant patients, I do my treatments, I stay fitter than most but this bug seems set to haunt me forever. I guess when the do my ct scan they will find out if its caused any permeantIy
damage yet.

I hope you are all having a lovely valentines day and even though I'm not well I have stu here looking after me a rare event as he's usually working all the hours under the sun. He's also spoilt me with breakfast, presents and generally being very helpful.

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  1. I'm sending you healing thoughts from Los Angeles. You are so lucky to have Stu!


  2. Hope that the IV help very soon and that you can get LF back up again sending best wishes:)

  3. Hi beautiful :) sorry to hear about this bug! I will be praying for you the minute I get done writing this. I am 51 with CF and although I haven't had a transplant, I do relate to certain things you go through. I love reading your blog and you are an inspiration to me. Keep doing what you're doing and never give up! Boost that immunity! Green tea is one of my fav's, loaded with antioxidants and stay as stress free as possible, thank God you have a loving supportive husband and I relate to that! We have been blessed! Keep us posted! God bless you :)