Saturday, 16 February 2013

Exeter hospital to Harefield hospital

So my Ivs didn't seem to be working and yesterday in excruciating pain and lung function at 62% fev1 from 97% I rung Harefield, they advised that I wait till Monday and be reviewed in clinic. Well by the end of the day I couldn't handle the pain and developed a temp of 37.8 I decided to go to my DRs and get pain relief. They decided they were not happy with my numbers and I was to be admitted to exeter hospital with a view to go to Harefield on Monday still.

Since being in my breathing has improved and my numbers are up slightly at 69% the pain has gone as has the temp. Iv had a X-ray and ct scan both showing 'change' various different shadows that weren't there before. Harefield have now decided to have me up there tomorrow and I will get 'ambulanced' up, I'm not that sick but it's just there way of transferring me.

As I have said with any blip you wonder what the cause is, is it really infection? or something more sinister? you wonder whether this is the beginning of the end? you can't help worry those things but I'm sure whatever it is is treatable and will be sorted out ASAP and in a way I'm glad to be going to my specialist centre at least they can deal with it efficiently and make sure all the 'other' possibilities are ruled out.

I will keep everyone updated through Facebook, twitter and my blog and thank everyone for there continuing support.

Also here's the link to my itv piece

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  1. Sorry to hear that Kirsty - hope all goes well and they have you back on top form in no time. Thinking of you. Xx

  2. Thinking of you & hoping that you're soon feeling better.
    Take care,

  3. Praying for you sweetie xoxo

  4. From Chile i pray for you, you are a strong woman and a beautiful person....i hope that you will be better <3

  5. You are my heroine Kirstie so keep your chin up, be thinking about you and praying it is just a tiny "blip" along the way.Get well and come out soon,loads of hugs,Kelvin.xx

  6. Just watched your documentary and was amazed at the way you handled yourself through so difficult moments. Keep it up Kirstie!! I believe that what ever we go through in life prepares us better for what's next and that there's always a positive side to things (like the ying-yang: light/darkness, white/black, positive/negative), it's all a matter of balance.
    Wishing you all the very best from the Dominican Republic,
    big hug!!


  7. Hi Kirstie, I am watching your documentary at this moment, in Buenos Aires Argentina.
    I am sending to you, energy to go thru this moment and have success.
    The beginnings were never easy.
    Best wishes,


  8. Hello Kirstie! I just saw a documentary on the Discovery H&H about you (because my sister was watching it and inmediatly called me at the phone haha) and I want you to know that it mades me so happy and hopeful coz I'm passing through the same, I'm 22 years old and I'm waiting a lung transplant :) and I have a boyfriend who loves me and helps me a lot and we are waiting sooo badly to run away and take our bikes and just go free like now you do with your husband <3
    I wish you the best!! and I loved your little dog hahaha is like a plush :)

    Constanza, from Chile

  9. Hi Kirstie! I have just seen your story on the Discovery H&H and immediately I started to investigate about CF and i found your blog. I wanted to tell u how much i admire u and how brave you are. Regardless your situation you always keep a positive mind, i think that's the key to overcome hard moments. I hope u get well very soon and don't give up; the world needs more people like u.

    San José, Costa Rica

  10. Hi Kirstie!

    I'm sorry you are going through all of this, and at the same time glad you have such an amazing support system around you. I think you are brilliant, and brave and amazing on top of it all. I follow you on Facebook, as well as your blog and have since I saw your televised spot on TV a few years ago. Chin up because you are such a tough cookie; it is you I think of when things around here get tough with my three kids and one of them is sick...I always think to myself there are people out there who go thru so much worse and if they are as tough as nails then so can I be so suck it up! Lol. I can't leave comments on your FB page, but I try to support you when you update by liking your comments.
    I hope you get better soon, and we are sending healing thoughts your way.
    -Natasha Dewing
    Saskatchewan, CANADA