Friday, 11 January 2013

This years plans

So this year has officially started and I thought I would tell you all my plans for it so far!

-stay well and fit

-I plan to peruse presenting as a career.
Email all possible contacts
Look into possible courses
Create a portfolio
Create a show reel

-help organise and be in a 2014 Boudoir calendar for lltgl.

-take part in the British transplant games in cycling and athletics
Get involved with a cycling club
Get involved with exeter harriers and get a coach in athletics, mainly sprinting, but try other athletics
Get sponsorship and local support for games

-compelete VW T5 conversion to camper van
Go on mini breaks

-go on several holidays
Proper holiday/honeymoon with hubby
La with stu, mum and step dad

-hold a pole dancing showcase raising money for lltgl.

-become extremely flexible, i am very flexible already but I would take that even further

-complete exercise to music course
Learn to be a spinning instructor

-come up with another challenge for this year, something different and brilliant (suggestions welcome, also willing to get involved in other people projects)

-ultimately have fun and live every second with passion and thirst.

So that's the list, there not in order of importance but there all my personal goals for the year and things I want to do. I hope you all have you visions for this year and I hope it will be a extremely happy one.

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  1. go on girl, good to set goals gives you the drive to focus on this year :) xx

  2. Therese Gothenborg :)13 January 2013 at 10:24

    I live in Sweden and looking at the documentery about your transplantation. You are one of the tuffest girls I Have ever seen! You looking so god at that program and you are realy sick there! You Have so right thinking positive and happy! Sorry about My terrible english ;) Love fr.o.m. Therese

  3. Kirstie, you are fantastic! I wish you all luck:-)

  4. Hi kirstie, ur goals and ur approach to life is inspiring. My new years resolution is to lose weight and get fit. And after watching love on the transplant list and reading ur blog, i want to make more of effort at living my life to the fullest after i got a 2nd chance at life too. I was burnt a few years ago and had 3rd degree burns to 40% of my body. Sometimes i use pain as an excuse to stay in bed or the temp being too hot outside. - I cant regulate my body temp. But when i look at what u went through and where u r now, i want to b as positive, energetic and happy as u r. If u want another goal for ur list, i think u should b an ambassador for cf and organ donation all over the world! I think u would b a great motivation speaker too. U could make ur own pole dancing fitness tv or dvd program. All the best. Hannah (australia)

  5. Hi! It's nice to know you are still here with us, in blog ofc ^^
    I have something, I don't know what, when I read article about you in some tabloids from my country. But, you inspire me. You and your housband :) Well, sometimes I think, why don't you make some novels or books to give motivations to everyone? We will support you here :)
    Yuu Indonesia

  6. Just reading this has knackered me Kirstie.....good luck,I hope all you dream comes to fruition,Kelvin.x