Saturday, 29 December 2012

Oh what a lovely Christmas and here's to a happy hopeful new year

My Christmas, well what can I say. I started work at next over Christmas and it has been great, hard, crazed but great. I loved the buzz of being busy and not having time to over think silly things. I worked hard and it was repaid with A perm position of up to 20hr a week. I feel less stressed about people not turning up to pole lessons already and I'm enjoying teaching.

My Christmas Day, well it was everything that to me Christmas is meant to be, that life is meant to be about. Family. I spent the day with my nan, grandad, stu, mum and her partner ash. I had a roaring laugh, helped mum out with the dinner, played games and felt the joy of giving them all presents which I had thought long an chard about. The joy of there faces lightning up. That to me is the best, but I was of course royally spoilt and I am very grateful, but my Christmas would have just been as good just for being with my family.

I can't tell you when the last time I really had such a nice Christmas, it really just felt special.

Which brings me on to a special family and a special person who will always have a place in my heart, soul and mind. My donor and there family. I hope my donor had a splendid Christmas wherever they are up above, shining on us all. I also hope my donors family were able to have a great Christmas, knowing there loved one isn't far. I once again cannot say how grateful I am my donor signed the register and there family also choose this decision with out them I would not have seen this or the last Christmas and all I can do is wish them love peace and happiness with every fibre of my being.

I now look toward the future, a future of opportunity, fun and not wasting one second. I have so many plans for my life and I am now going to take hold and live them. I hope to start my career in presenting in 2013, to have a proper holiday, in fact to have a few, to not forget or neglect my beautiful family and my gorgeous husband for where ever 2013 year takes me and I hope that that is far, I will be taking them with me.

I wish you all a happy new year, I wish that all your wishes and dreams come true and I wish 2013 will be the year my friend Kerry thorpe gets her call because she will not last much longer without it. Xx

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  1. Glad you had a lovely family time Kirsty,hope everything keeps going well,happy New Year,Kelvin(bubbly on BRUS)

  2. I know I havn't contacted you for a while, but I've just read your blog and it's really cheered me up after worrying about alot of things. For instance I've never stopped worrying about people with cf and other serious disabilities. Also worrying about what people are going through, like operations, money troubles, family issues, stress and other problems.

    I think in a similar way to you in a way. Like christmas for example, I to think it's a time to consider familly and other people. I always think of people and ways that I could help them and i try to encourage other people to keep strong and keep going no matter what gets in the way. You'll always have your family and others on your side. The word that can sum all of this up is a saying that goes. NEVER, say NEVER.

    All the best wishes to everyone.

    Harry W

  3. Just watching love on the transplant list on tv now. U r truly inspirational. Thanku for sharing apart of ur life with us all. I wish u all the best for 2013 and the future. I have just updated my details on the organ donor list here in australia. Keep sharing that beautiful smile with everyone. Hannah from sydney

  4. Hi
    Watching your show first time. You now received your lungs and it just brought tears to my eyes thinking what an amazing person you are. I now will follow you and see how your going. You will have amazing life with the ppl you love and who love you!! Nb have neen an organ donor for a long time

    Simone from Melbourne Australia

  5. I just saw your story on television tonight, and was glad you had a happy ending.

    Wishing you a very happy 2013,

    Helen (from Australia)

  6. Have just watched your inspirational story here in Australia Kirstie. Your bravery was extraordinary and how wonderful it was/is to then see and hear that you are now able to enjoy life again with your lovely husband, family and little dog. All the very best for 2013 and the future.

  7. Hey Kirstie and Stu

    Also just saw your show in Sydney Australia, a beautiful and inspirational story
    For Aussies, to be a donor go to
    Now if you guys want a great holiday, come visit us Down Under!

    God bless you both


  8. I too saw your story this evening in Australia. To put it simply, you, your husband and your family are amazing.
    I wish you taught pole dancing in Sydney.

  9. What an inspiration,have also watched your story here in aus and hope it makes more people to go on the list for donors,good luck to you and your family kirstie all the best for a bright future!

  10. Gidday Kirstie and Stu and the Family,
    I've just finished watching your incredible story. I had tears in my eyes and I couldn't stand not knowing how you were from one minute to the next. Your beautiful, courageous self, your wonderfully optimistic Stu, and your beautiful Family are inspirational. I have always been negative about donation of organs, but after watching your journey I'm not so negative now. I cried tears of joy for you and Stu and your Family and tears of sorrow for the family of your Donor. I want to wish you all a wonderful and bright New Year and know you and Stu will be together for many years to come....Thank You for sharing your story. xxoo JennyB, Brisbane Australia .

  11. Inspirational on every level...

    Thank you for sharing your story. I'm sure many more people will now think about being donors and lives will be saved as a result of it. I bet your husband and family are very proud.

    All the best for a happy and healthy 2013,

    Dr Mark Shirran
    From Harefield but now living Down Under.

  12. Hey Kirstie,

    Your story just aired here in Australia. I was so stoked to see you pulled through and got those desperately needed airbags. Your experience resonated with me having also been a CF patient and getting lungs in eerily similar circumstances. Its great to see you are healthy now and living life to the full. Take care and keep living it up.

  13. Hi Kirstie

    I too watched the show last night. My son who is 24 also has CF. I have a very close network of 3 other mothers who's children also have CF and we support each other all the time. One of the mum's daughter is going thru all the tests to qualify for transplant. I am going to be with her thru out the transplant to give her my support as I feel only another parent truely knows the pain the family goes thru. I cried the whole time and still am while I write this.So So glad everything has worked out for you and you are getting on with your new life. I am meeting my girlfriends tonight for dinner and I know we will all be talking about you tonight.

    Also your husband is a very special person as not many people would be able to cope with the stress of it all and my heart goes out to him as well.

    Thanks for the inspiration and I hope it all works out for our children as well.

    Thanks Jill from Newcastle Australia

  14. Gosh my heart explodes admiring your determination and courage; 2 words that no doubt uve heard more than most. I felt like I wanted to jump in the tv n b your UK mate. Get your groove on with those shiny lungs n pop over to Townsville Australia. Carrie

  15. Hi Kristie, I just saw your documentary (im in Australia) and i tell ya, it scared the hell out of me. A beautiful young girl like yourself with your whole life ahead of you and seeing how u just couldnt breathe was so distressing. What a wonderful beautiful gift u have now and I hope you have the best life ever. Happy new year to u and your husband.

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