Thursday, 31 January 2013

Keep the ball rolling

So recently I feel my life is coming together in lots of different ways. I'm busy and I love being busy. Working at next, attending the gym with a new hard regime, training on pole, starting hoop regularly and teaching pole is really picking up nicely. The best thing tho is, yes, presenting might actually be getting some where, I'm doing a few pieces for BBC radio Devon on pause for thought in march and also I got asked to be interviewed for itv West Country as part of there 'from the heart' campaign for more donors, but a new twist has developed I'm presenting my own piece! Which will be used in my show reel! How awesome is that! I'm applying for workshops and experience with channel 4s 4talent to! I just love it when a plan comes together!
It's nice to feel the momentum of life picking me up and rolling with it. I just hope that health complications don't stop this ball from rolling. There's only so many times I can push it all to come back together. But hell ill keep trying every time because I know my healthy patch won't last forever and unfortunately I have been struggling the last few days with a lower than normal lung function, tackicardia and palpitations. I'm due up to Harefield Monday where I plan that my orals will have worked, I won't be kept in and will feel miraculously better! Come on my beautiful lungers we can do it. It turns out were a pretty awesome team after everything we've already faced in our short little relationship.
So wish me luck guys and hope I can keep this ball rolling
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  1. I'm sooo chuffed for you Kirstie! and I hope the lung function thing is a minor blip :-) xoxo

  2. I am glad most things are working out,the very best of luck for all of your decisions. You are a brave girl that deserves all the luck and success you can get,I hope you get it,Kelvin

  3. miriam rodrigez martinez31 January 2013 at 15:50

    im waiting in mexico for a lungs transplant i have fibrosis and i waiting for a life miracle like yours .my.english is..bad sorri my name is miriam rodriguez martinez you are vey strong girl kistie i hope to have a second shance i have 3 childrens and im.waii have to live to take care my babies .

    1. Miriam suerte! !! Todo saldra de lo mejor
      busca literatura de 'Louise A hay espero te sirva
      mis mejores deseos
      animo! !!!

  4. Kirstie
    I'm watching right now the episode where you appeared. I'm so happy to read your blog!!! You are so brave.
    I beat cancer about 2 years ago, and life has another meaning to me, so I understand some of the things you passed.

    Many hugs from Argentina


  5. Hi! I am watching right now the show on discovery health, here in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Wishing you the best always, keep on being brave and strong. I cried a lot watching the wedding. Everyday as humans we learn, may 2013 give you HEALTH, PEACE, LOVE and COURAGE.


  6. im evelin from argentina, i watched the program.. and i think that you are so strong.. i can't speak english perfect, sorry.. i'm really happy for you. kisses! good luck :-)

  7. I am watching the show
    glad to hear you are better now
    my best wishes!
    Try to read about Louise A. Hay. Hope will help !

  8. I have just come accross your appearance from Russle Howards show and instantly found your blog to tell you im really inspired! so happy to hear you have had a successful transplant and hope you stay in amazing health!

    I will be praying for you :)
    love and hugs,

    Emma xx

  9. gracias buscare a louise