Sunday, 29 July 2012

Yearly clinic

So my annual review, One year on being back at hearfeild and seeing all the staff and telling them its been one year and this time last year I was only just coming on to E ward, 'no way' was the response. The sunny weather that has finally arrived really takes me back when your there, It was sweltering when I was in and all i did was have hot flushes and sweat.

I had bloods, Ecg, fitness test, lung function and xray.

 I have now had a chest infection for 3weeks, at first my lung function wasn't affected, It started to be affected over a week ago and I started Cipro oral antibiotics, but needless to say it didn't really help, I had 2 ashma attack while cycling, coughing continuous amounts and sleeping loads. I knew my year review wasn't going to be as successful as I would like. The fitness test, well I still kicked ass, they were extremely impressed and said I was above average of a normal person, that my lungs were very good and they were surprised at how smooth my lines were, indicating that the lungs were working at a normal capacity and didn't seem transplanted at all. Which is fantastic. They said my fitness level was well beyond average transplant patient. I'm so happy as I have worked hard. They did how ever stop me Earlie, they said they didn't want me to push myself due to the infection, I was so annoyed, I wanted to bust some records. They did however say I could repeat next time at which my result would be even better.

My lung function was down, a tad, but I knew that, I thought my consultant would want me in, i instantly got in there with 'I want home ivs' and she went 'ok' surprised and yay. It feels like they are suddenly aware that I know my body now and trust me. relief.

Kidneys are functioning very well, which is great.

Diabetes, Well my h1bc result is only slightly raised but very good as I'm diabetic and even better as I have been reducing my insulin for a while, at the same time altering my diet and exercising to make sure my sugars are stable, All my home readings have been below 10 which is great. I'm getting somewhere for the hard to manage diabetes that was having hissy fits all the time, to correcting it, Ill never be with out it, if i eat crap then my sugars are high, but as long as i eat like i have then it will remain good.

Everything else was pretty good, I need to reduce my tac slightly and will start home IV next week, I also need my sinus's looked at as they are highly infected and causing the infection in my lungs.

To see what else went on, on my day at clinic, please look at my last blog, Kimberly kneil's new lungs.


  1. Read your story while researching, and I find myself inspired! Keep up the positive thoughts and good luck with all!