Thursday, 12 July 2012

My Lung trasnplant anniversary

Yesterday was a simple day, I went for lunch with Stu, Mum, Nan and my sister, We raised a glass to my donor and talked about this time last year.

Me and Stu went and watched a film together.

Then at 8:45 we all gathered on sidmouth beach with lanterns, There were my two best Friends, Julie and Emily, My Mum and Nan, Stuarts Parents, Stu (obviously) and my niece and nephew (my sister couldn't make it due to looking after her youngest) We all sat on the pebbles and wrote a message of thanks to my donor, Mine was simple,

Thank you for the chance to breathe,
to live,
to love,
to spend this extra time with my Friends and family.

My donor knows how I feel I am sure, I feel forever grateful and words cannot describe how I feel about them. It endless.

I read out the letter from there mother, which some of my close family had had the chance to read while others hadn't, my nan was taken away with the depth and detail in the letter and said she could not imagine how brave that women was to write such a beautiful thing, my mother often describes her as an extremely understanding and intelligent women. I think they know how much this letter means to me, I cherish it and keep it in a special box with all my other transplant stuff, but that is the most important. Reading the letter out loud you think I would cry, but no theres something about it that is so soothing and comforting, its has so many happy moments that I can only smile and also laugh in parts. I know my donor had a brilliant sense of humour, I can feel it lifting of the pages with the details about them.

We all said what our messages were and then we played a couple of special songs.

Then the hilarity came, we tried to light the lanterns, and then when we did to let them float in to the sky, this ended up in us spread across the beach chasing our lanterns as they went across the ground and tried to make there way to the sea. There was lots of laughing and screaming when we would finally get one to take off, It wasn't as planned, but to me it was so much more, the comical genius of our situation I pretty sure if my donor was watching would have been in hysterics. We managed to set 3 lanterns out on the wind and over the sea, at which I sat back and just felt great happiness wash over me. Content.

I was also on the tv yesterday heres the link ITV westcountry


  1. So brilliant to read.Cant believe how well you are doing and you look fantastic-thanks for sharing your blog,from Cath xxx

  2. What a brilliant day xxx

  3. So happy to read your blog and see how well you are doing. You give me so much hope for my own sweet daughter.

  4. Glad you had a good day.
    I saw something in a shop window today and it reminded me so much of you. You know those willow tree ornaments, they have a new one out, and it is the girl, dancing on a pole and it is title Dance of Life.
    Just thought I would let you know, seemed very apt.

    Good luck with your ball, I am sure you will have a fab time.