Monday, 9 July 2012

National transplant week

Today is the start of national transplant week. This time last year, I was on ECMO, I had had my tracki fitted today as I was struggling badly, i was begging to come off of the machinery the fight just seemed to much finally I wanted to just die. Its also my friends birthday who passed away when I was 10 from an unsuccessful transplant, This is the day I think Debbie came to tell me to keep going, to give me hope and let me know I would be ok. I don't know if it was the medication, a hallucination but well someone was there, someone no one could see and for me I want to believe it was her. I'm so glad I held on, Life could not be any better.

My family were all wondering If I would make it, but there was another family and It was becoming clear there loved one wasn't. I'm thinking of them today. I know this is a significant day for them, in other reasons and I want them to know, I'm thinking about them every second of the day and of my Angel. My thanks to them is beyond measure.

I drew a picture of them the other day, I'm so proud of it, I feel Iv really caught them in the drawing, I was wondering whether to send them a copy. Its in my memory book of poems and drawings, some of my most personal stuff that not many get to see.

This week my plans, are ball organisation tomorrow, then Wednesday, the day I received my transplant my actual anniversary I will be going for meal with family, then in the evening we are going to sidmouth beach where we are letting off lanterns for my donor, were also playing a special song for them. My family have each bought a lantern to let off and I'm looking forward to showing my thanks.
Thursday and Friday will be organisation central for the ball and finally the grand finale of national transplant week My Ball The 2nd chance ball! So named after this blog.

Every day this week there will be a blog so please come back and have a read. On the week that my life was saved.

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Me with my #passiton temp tattoe for national tx week x

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  1. Hiya.Came here after watching a Russell Howard's Good News episode where you were featured at the end.It said you have a blog.So I just thought 'I gotta check out her blog.'.I don't know anybody who HAS cystic fibrosis here in Malaysia though.But anyway,stay strong Kirstie! Live life to the fullest yeah? ;-D