Monday, 10 October 2011

Life and death

I knew i said Stuart would be writing the next blog but i have been compelled to write, Today I heard Victoria tremlett Is finally getting her transplant after 4years and 3months on the transplant list and 8 false alarms. I have to say I felt shere happiness, she is finally getting her chance, I have to say a i felt a pain of guilt when I had mine and I thought of Victoria who had been waiting longer then me. But finally she is getting her lungs.

Sad, so deeply sad, I have cried and cried, I knew it was coming but it seems that time is finally hear, Rachael Wakefield who under went a double lung transplant after many complications, is now very very sick and will not be recovering. I instantly wrote a letter of goodbye's and went down to the post box in floods of tears and posted it. What do you write when you know someones dying. That your last ever words to that person have been written.


  1. oh no is this the same Rachel whose lungs were wrecked by a virus from a bird and had all the trouble even getting on the list?

  2. It really is heartbreaking to hear that Rachy is so desperately sick and I have also cried about this, we all wanted her to pull through so much :(

    But it is wonderful to hear that Tor is getting her gift of life.

    *hugs* xx

  3. It is so sad that Rachy is so ill now, she has been a inspiration to me for so long,I so wished that she would get better:(
    Tor getting her transplant and now recovering in ITU has given me something to celebrate,I hope that she will make a swift recovery:) she has waited so long for this chance at a new life!

  4. what a difficut time for you with all these huge emotions, happiness for Tor who is finally getting new lungs after the heartache of so many false alarms and deep sadness that Rachel is so ill. thinking of everyone connected to these amazingly brave young ladies.

    was lovely to see you at work the other day, you are looking amazing, you have come so far!