Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A whole week with out a blog!!

Well firstly I want to start with the lovely Maud!! She is Pimped. My brother Chris did an amazing job, i knew he would but when you she her in the real she is something else.
the photos don't really do her justice

Pink \butterflys dotter all over her!
So as you can see I have a very talented Brother.

I'm currently in hospital, starting my Bi-pap at night and getting some rest and have been since Monday, I'm going to be in till next Monday now as I just need to rest and leave a little less shattered, I'm not expecting miracles while I'm in here.

A topic that has come up while in  here was life expectancy, It wasn't really a deliberate conversation, I never asked because I guess its something I think I maybe already knew, but it has been mentioned that if I carry on the rate of decline I'm likely to live only another 6months. For me I know this is only based on a educated guess, you can never know when someones going to die and especially with CF, I could catch a nasty infection tomorrow and that could be the end of me or I could stabilize and carry on to live a maybe even a couple of years. So for me when they took this educated guess, with there statistics, I think they forgot to factor in my determination. That on its own stands for alot.

Hearing that 6months has done a number of things, made me for determined then ever to stop the lack of organ donors, I need to make sure this doesn't happen to someone else in the future, this uncertainty and the fear that that transplant wont come in time. Its also made me want to enjoy every last minute with my family.

So Ill leave this post, short and sweet, straight to the point, sign the organ donor register and get everyone you know to. 


  1. You don't know me andI guess you've heard this a lot, but you're truely inspiring to me. I have genuinely missed your blog for the last week, your determination and positive attitude puts me at shame. Keep going, and be happy in the fact that you've done incredible to persuade so many people to join the register, and gained so many followers: all of which you have really inspired. Keep smiling,

  2. Poor Maud! As gorgeous as she looks in the photos, they really don't do her enough justice! She is lovely!!
    One thing that is very obvious to me from talking to you over the past few days, is just how determination you have. What Kirstie wants Kirstie gets ;-) lol
    I know these educated guesses can't possibly account for things like individual determination, but I'm inclined to agree with you; you're determination and attitude stands for a lot :-)
    Much love
    Dawn xx

  3. Hi Kirstie,

    I am Linda and live in Australia and I am a transplant recipient only I received a liver 71 weeks ago yesterday. I wasn't on the list long and am here alive and well because of my donor and his family.

    I shall hold you close and hope that soon you get the call - and in the meantime I shall follow your blog and learn more of the strong young woman you are.

    Love and hugs, and in hope.

  4. Kirstie the chair looks absolutely amazing! Might have to find someone to do something similar to mine... Hope being in hospital does the trick. Thinking of you xx

  5. Emma linked to your blog via twitter this morning, but blogger comments was down until now! LOVE the wheelchair (respray?) your brother could have a full time job there!! Am on the organ donor list, but that's not much use to you atm, fingers crossed a suitable match turns up asap! xx