Thursday, 19 May 2011

Brilliant last two days

Ok so this is a bit of a sneaky blog, I'm suppose to be upstairs napping, instead i thought id write a quick update. I have been taking the napping every day quite seriously and it has helped the shere exhaustion of feeling like your running a marathon every day. So between 3-5 everyday I stick my bi-pap on and have a lush nap with my kia, shes out at the moment tho with Stuie having a walk.

I got home Monday as planned although feeling worse then when I went in I felt there wasn't much to be achieved from staying in, its been said countless times there isn't anything treatment wise they can do for me, so it just trying to get use to the regular dips and re adjust. easier said then done.

I have had to give up bathing everyday, I'm so breathless now that when ever I get out I have to rest for about 30minutes before Iv caught my breath again. So I'm trying to get conserving energy by sacrificing things like a bath everyday. I still Wash obviously, I'm not a complete minger and like iv said beforedry shampoo is a god send.

Any way on to the title of the post, Yesterday my big brother picked me up and his fiance Caz looked after Kia and me and my bro went out for the day, It was really really nice. We went to sidmouth beach and shared a bag of chips, us to skinnys don't quite crack through the food, so a bag was plenty for us both. We walked and talked and laughed. We also had an ice cream, I had an ice lolly as i am currently addicted to them. Chris decided he was going to run up the massive hill whilst pushing me in Maud, it was very funny, nice to see someone more breathless then me for once, but then the hill was massive. Some old bloke joked that my bro could come back and pick him up after, or that he could sit on my lap, I said he'd squash me so he'd have to walk. Anyway it was really nice and I can't wait to do it again.

Then today Stuie is off!! yay and we had wedding stuff to sort, It is getting rather close tot he day now 16th June!!! wedding preparations are all coming together. Today we had our final meeting with the venue and the final meeting with the register. I only really have flowers to finish,which I'm waiting on a late delivery, it is freaking me out mildly, I'm worried the company has gone bust and taken my money, tho it wasn't a lot, but still left me with little time to sort more flowers out. Then I just need to do a  few small things and were there. It was so nice finally sorting out the last two big things today and then we went and had a nice meal. Which leads me to now, I'm suppose to be napping so will dash and get a bit of sleep in before I'm found out. Shit I think im found out. lol


  1. Hey pretty girlie!
    Sounds like you've had a lovely couple of days :) I'm glad, you deserve them!
    Mwah xx

  2. I'm so happy the wedding is coming together and it's getting SO close! I really hope they find some lungs for you! You are way to full of life to have those darn lungs you have now (:

  3. Hello darling girl...this is my first post, I was invited here by Andrew (automatic spanks for him for general badness)...bless you and your man and everything about you, its so wonderful to hear positive things...quick question....whats the situation in the UK regarding living transplants? Has this been an option for you? I apologise if this is a moot point x

  4. Living transplant isn't a option for me unfortunatly, as i need a double lung transplant. I also personally couldn't ask that of anyone.x

  5. Hi Kirstie, glad to hear everything's going well with the wedding arrangements.Can't wait to share your big day with you.Big Hi to Mum, Stu and the family.Remember to save a dance for me!
    Take care honey.
    Love Roger and Ann.