Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What A Difference A Day Makes

That's right, here I was praying for something to change and it has. I had the biggest shock yesterday and It has literally flipped everything around.

So Ill set the scene, me and my friends Neil and Charmaine (who are in a relationship together and both have CF) were chilling out, they'd come over for a general chit chat and catch up and it was nice to see them both, although slightly sickening as there in that loved up kissy kissy stage, lol, only joking its lovely, well sort of. HA. I knew a friend was suppose to be popping over while they were there, she had offered to do my wedding make up and said she needed to bring something over to do with that. Well she arrived, with another lady who I'd never met, but just assumed was a friend and to be honest didn't think much about it. Until we were all sat down and they started to explain that actually they were there under false pretenses and that really Caz the other lady was there from the snooky trust charity and that the charity would like to help me and the way they would like to do that was to pay £2500 towards my rent. Which approximates at 4months and bits rent!!!!! I was completely stunned and cried, I remained shell shocked for the rest of the night and I'm still in totally awe of how kind people can be and my faith in human nature has been restored.

So my financial burden has been eased a great deal and I feel less stressed. :-)

So voom forward to todays weekly clinic. I have been pretty ill today, temps, stupid high heart rate ect. So after much discussion where I basically told them I wasn't coming in, Iv decided to go in for 2 days starting next Wednesday to start bi-pap at night. Click here to find out about bi pap It feels like a big step but at the same time as when I started 02 I felt I needed It and looked at it as a step to help me have a better quality of life and It has and now the bi-pap will be the same. Although It does serve as a reminder to how bad my little lungies are now.


  1. What a great friends you have!! I am so excited for you. Having 4 months rent paid for is such a stress relief, such a burden off your chest! I had 3 months rent paid for these last few months because I was in the hospital and have been to sick to work... What a blessed day you had yesterday. I hope your 2 day stays helps you out a little!

  2. Wow that's awesome! So chuffed that that stress has been lifted for you.Hope you get plenty of rest when you go in.


  3. I'm so happy for you :) you truly deserve the help and I'm really glad it gave you a lift. Good luck with the bipap setting up in hospital, I've been using mine overnight for 6 years now (not for CF, for muscular dystrophy) and would not do without it, so give me a shout if you need any tips/advice!


  4. I am so happy you've finally had some good news. You really do know some angels! Wish I could be there in the flesh for you too! xx

  5. Ahh that's great news! I'm so happy for you :) Dawn xx

  6. Thats amazing congrats!

    I am actually struggling financially myself. =( I need rent money badly, but cant rent in London to work till I get a paycheque... so I cant move up =(

    Im so happy for you. Thats an amazing burden off your shoulders. So kind.

  7. Hello Kirstie firstly I am really pleased that you have had some good news as You will not have to think about paying rent for four months.

    I hope next wednesday is ok and that you get on ok using your bi-pap. One of my friends who I got to know really well on the ward due to always being in together used a bi-pap and it really helped her.

    Sorry I have not left a message on your blog until now, my dad has been diagnosed with cancer and I was in a bit of a mess myself.

    All the best for next wednesday and I will look forward to reading how you get on with the

    Take care Love Rachel xxx

  8. What a fantastic thing to do!! xx

  9. Hi there,

    I'm a follower of your blog, and I enjoy reading it that much I've given you an award! Visit my blog at to collect it :)


  10. Hi Kirstie,

    I've been dipping in and out of your blog since I saw you on Daybreak but I never got round to joining the donation register until today. I always though it was a good thing to do and it was one of those things I would get round to doing sooner or later but I guess I'm lazy/easily distracted. After reading your most recent blog I went back and read the one before where you asked if anyone reading it hadn't signed up yet, why not? i realized i had no excuse so i signed up. I just want to let you know how much i admire your bravery and wish everything good in the world for you :)

  11. Josephine Monaghan9 May 2011 at 06:39

    Dear Kirsty,
    What a wonderful surprise, now you and your partner will have a few less worries about paying the rent and can concentrate on your forthcoming wedding. Your blog and all the hard work you are doing are paying off and people are sitting up and taking notice – keep up the very good work.
    You are making the right decision re the bi-pap, it’s all about keeping you at your best for when you get “the call”.
    Hope it all goes well next week.
    Take care of yourself.
    Josie xx

  12. Hello Kirstie,

    only just stumbled across your blog via the LLTGL page, well done on becoming their latest recruit! I live in Ipswich and have been tweeting the heck out of your story in the Evening News. My dad had a liver transplant just over 2 years ago, and I've been trying my best to promote organ donation since he was first listed. If you ever need any help with promotion, give me a shout @abbybarker on Twitter.

    You are an inspirational, amazing, awesome lady! Keep up the good work, keep hoping and keep smiling. Oh, and keep blogging!

    Abby :)

  13. That's great news about the rent :-)
    Best wishes x