Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pole jam with Felix cane

So today me and 2 of my students traveled up to surrey to Taylor's retreat is for a 3 hour ole jam with Felix cane. I knew my lungs being at 45% I would struggle, I'm weak from the high dose prednisalone for my organised pneumonia, as it strips muscle. So I knew I wasn't going to be at the top of my game but I'm so keen to get back to full strength and emerge myself in the world of pole I decided a pole jam with Felix was a amazing opportunity and a chance to see my idol and just simply amazing lady well unmissable right?

So here's some pictures from today.

Felix sandwich

It was a awesome day and I realised I'm not as weak as I thought I'd become, that I still have a lot of pole potential that isn't being used and it's my responsibility to make use of it, that I love being upside down whether its pole, hoop or silks!

I had my consultation this week for the fundo operation I will blog about this another day when I have muddled through all my thoughts on it. I have to say it was rather scary and emotional for me and my mum who came with me,

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  1. Oh my gosh Kirsty you really are inspirational, i hope you get well soon honey xx

  2. You look amazingly happy & beautiful :)

    love from California!