Tuesday, 14 May 2013

My surgeon

As he walked along the corridor, an unassuming man in blue, I know his face well, I could never forget that face. My own lights up and he smiles back acknowledging me. This man nearly 2 years ago took a chance and saved my life. Full of heprin, very near death, he operated on me, on what to me seems like the quickest transplant surgeries ever! I have this picture in my mind of him afterwards going back into the surgeons room, or wherever they go and writing the time at the top of the board as if he'd just beaten the top gear fastest track time.

I haven't seen him since transplant in itu and to be honest I wasn't very with it or capable of gratitude. I was just to confused at the time. He asks me how I am, I told him iv got a slight blip, but otherwise I'm pretty amazing, I want to tell him what iv done since transplant, what iv achieved, I try to think of the best thing, to wow him with his own expertise that saved me. He said he saw me ride in on my bike ride, that's it he knows! I simply beam and shake his hand and thank him. To look into the mans eyes and express my gratitude, that was what I've been wanting to do for a long time. A man who dedicated his life to saving others and on 11/7/11 along with the many other people's time, knowledge, expertise, he saved mine.

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  1. It must have been fantastic to thank him for saving your life, just in time. I am sure he was pleased and was amazed at what you have achieved. You are a fighter and nobody can change that, you are a bubbly, positive person and an example to us all also you are my inspiration regarding CF. Thanks xx

  2. Great post Kirstie.


  3. Beautiful words to describe your feelings!! I'm sure he looks at you, and is thankful for you too!

    love from California,


  4. I hope that he feels fulfilled, to help so many people is simply amazing, I am glad that you met and you were able to express your gratitude. As you know, I do not have CF but have many similar problems, being older I am not worried about dying but for you at 23 years old? (I think that is right) to face the ECMO and so many false starts then to eventually to be given this fantastic chance to be young, in love and to be able to go back to your beloved pole lessons. On top of that your support has raised funds,awareness and persuaded many new organ donars to commit to the very same program that saved your life.I salute your surgeon who made all this possible but equally salute you in living your life with such enthusiasm.God Bless you both. xx