Saturday, 11 May 2013

Felix cane

I'm not one to follow celebrities, to idolise or be star struck. I admire certain people and think what they've done with the careers is notable but it wouldn't have me weak at the knees. Only one person has ever made me do that and I met her when she came to visit me in hospital. Felix cane. Your probably thinking who? Unless your interested in fitness pole dancing her name isn't greatly known in the wider world, but let me assure you it should be!

I'de had a bronch that morning and just felt ready to take 02 off, in my pjs, no make up and to be honest I couldn't have cared, if I had known my idol was going to walk in then well I might have made more of a effort. My friend Sam Ames from Taylor's retreat was hosting Felix workshops the whole month and I had already expressed how upset I was that I was not well enough to go or to meet her. Shes from australia and travels the world so its not every day you get the chance. Sam walked in on her own which was a nice enough surprise anyway, she gave me a card expressing that Felix was sad we couldn't meet, next thing Felix is there in front if me! I then did the geeky thing, started crying and breathing stupidly! In fact I had to put my 02 back on I was that bad.

I then proceeded to spent a couple of amazing hours chatting with Felix and Sam, in some surreal world. It was crazy.

I'd like to explain why Felix is my idol. She is a world champ at pole, cirque due Soleil performer, you can't even imagine the things she can do on a pole, the strength, grace, skill and beauty of it is something unimaginable. It is something that my whole 6 years poling has inspired me to the core and since meeting her has inspired me to recover so I can train hard and possible achieve one eight of what she does. I really can't describe what her visit did for me and what a huge moral boost it was.

So here's a few pictures of my time with the extremly funny, witty and strangely down to earth women.

Just a quick health update, I am home and have a consultation in London for the fundo operation Wednesday, I had a bronch last Tuesday which showed I have something called organised pneumonia, it's a inflammatory response that collapses the airways, I'm on 6 weeks treatment of high dose steroids for this, in which I will eat everything in site and become fat and bloated. I don't know if my lungs will recover and I don't know when the operation will be, I may have to wait to the end of this treatment as steroids affect healing. I am still extremely positive but unfortunately also extremely breathless. I guess I didn't really want to do a full update on health as I'm just trying to focus on one thing at a time and not worry about the operation or if ill get any better, I just want to think about trying to getting better.

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  1. nice that you met her :)

  2. stay strong lil pole monkey! felix is awesome, and she had fun hangin' with you, ergo, you must be pretty awesome too! xoxox

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